Continuous rainfall causes fear in Lokoja

Continuous rainfall causes fear in Lokoja

Monday, August 15, 2022 2:49 pm

View of Lokoja city from mountain Patti

By Richard Elesho
Many residents of Lokoja, the Kogi State capital are in a panic over the volume of rainfall the area has experienced in the last two days. The city has been having intermittent, but significant rainfall since Saturday afternoon. This is even as power supply in the city has been most erratic.
The cloud was relatively clear from Saturday night to Sunday morning. Despite the relief,  a heavy downpour of water from the sky started about noon on Sunday and remained till dusk.
The rain continued to drizzle and keep the ground wet at intervals on Monday, raising fears that it might result in flooding in the ancient city where two of Africa’s large water bodies, Rivers Niger and Benue have their Confluence.
Some of the people who live in houses built on the flood plains of the Rivers have started making preparations to vacate their houses before the waters will sack them.
“We have been trying to pack our handy valuables. We pray it does not happen. But it is better to prepare for the flood to prevent being caught unawares. The last time the water came at night. We are on the alert now.” A woman who lives around Meme river disclosed.
The rains have caused damage to several portions of the roads and dwellings in Lokoja.
Meanwhile, the city has remained without electricity supply since Saturday. The Abuja Electricity Distribution Company, AEDC, in a statement said there is a  breakdown of its switching equipment at Zango, Lokoja.
“This is the cause of the present outage some parts of Lokoja and its environs are experiencing.
“They are trying to connect through an alternate source but the heavy downpour since morning is hindering their efforts due to the wet nature which is dangerous.
They will restore power as soon as the weather improves and it is conducive and safe enough for the operation.” The statement said.

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