Internet Tools Can Boost Productivity – Expert

Internet Tools Can Boost Productivity – Expert

Thursday, June 2, 2022 7:10 am

Internet tools


Joseph Stephen, a Nigeria web developer, has added to the discussion on how online tools are beneficial in boosting one’s productivity.


Mr Joseph Stephen asserted this in a webinar that was hosted in Lagos, Nigeria. Online tools such as the suite of tools available on can help perceptibly improve one’s productivity.


“A survey has shown that using online tools can help boost productivity. The survey, conducted by my firm, found that people who use online tools are more likely to be productive than those who don’t.” He said during the webinar.


“The survey looked at a group of workers who were given a task to complete. The workers were divided into two groups: those who were given access to online tools, and those who were not. The workers who had access to online tools were more likely to complete the task than those who didn’t have access to them.” he said.


The survey’s findings show that online tools can help people be more productive. These findings could have implications for how organizations manage work and how they provide employees with access to tools.

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