Liverpool: 2 Villarreal: 0 – Why it is not yet uhuru for Liverpool

Liverpool players celebrate victory over Villarreal

By Nehru Odeh

Though securing victory wasn’t easy, Liverpool beat Villarreal 2- 0 at the end of the day.

Still, It was a hectic battle, as the English side couldn’t find the net until ithe second half. But n the end, Villarreal finally succumbed to their superior firepower, with goals coming from Jordan Henderson and Sadio Manef

Villarreal came to Anfield with the game plan to defend and they superbly did so in the first half until the cookies crumbled in the second. Indeed it took a sizable slab of luck for Liverpool to open scoring in the second. That it seemed was the tonic they needed to take control of the game.

Though having secured victory in the first leg, Liverpool is almost halfway through to the finals of the UEFA Champions league, they still have a lot to do when the second leg comes up in Spain.

This is because the Champions League is known for its surprises, twists and turns. Though Liverpool have won the first leg, that victory wasn’t convincing enough, as anything could happen in the second leg.

Nothing stops Villarreal from cancelling the two goals, Liverpool have scored and go ahead to snatch victory. That indeed is what the EUFA Champions League is known for – second leg surprises .

Still, whether Villarreal will be able to do that depends on how they determined they are and how they will be able to take their chances right from the blast of the whistle.