Britain sanctions Putin’s daughters over war in Ukraine

President Vladmir Putin of Russia

Vladimir Putin’s daughters have been sanctioned by Britain under measures to target the lavish lifestyles of the Russian president’s inner circle over the invasion of Ukraine.

The Foreign Office announced travel bans and asset freezes against Katerina Vladimirovna Tikhonova and Maria Vladimirovna Vorontsova on Friday.

Russian foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov’s daughter, Yekaterina Sergeyevna Vinokurova, also faces the same action.

The U.S. has already sanctioned Putin’s daughters in retaliation against “war crimes’’ in Ukraine, and the European Union is expected to follow suit.

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said: “Our unprecedented package of sanctions is hitting the elite and their families, while degrading the Russian economy on a scale Russia hasn’t seen since the fall of the Soviet Union.

“But we need to do more. Through the G7, we are ending the use of Russian energy and hitting Putin’s ability to fund his illegal and unjustified invasion of Ukraine.

“Together, we are tightening the ratchet on Russia’s war machine, cutting off Putin’s sources of cash.’’

The Foreign Office said the action is being taken to target the lavish lifestyles of the Kremlin’s inner circle.

The action against Tikhonova, 35, Vorontsova, 36, and Vinokurova, 39, appeared on an updated sanctions list published online.

Britain has now sanctioned more than 1,200 individuals and businesses in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine that began in February.

It is not the first time a relative of Lavrov has been targeted, with his step-daughter Polina Kovaleva sanctioned last month.

With 76 oligarchs among the sanctioned, the measures are in part designed to apply pressure on the Kremlin to retreat.

But they are also seeking to seal off funds to reduce Putin’s military might, with 16 banks targeted too.

Sanctions across Western allies have meant that 275 billion pounds of Russian foreign currency reserves, representing 60 per cent of its total, were frozen, according to the Foreign Office. (dpa/NAN) (