Kremlin rejects ‘all accusations’ against Russian troops in Bucha

President Vladmir Putin of Russia

The Kremlin has once again vehemently rejected accusations against Russian troops over the killings of civilians on the outskirts of Kiev.

Images and video were taken in Bucha at the weekend showing bodies scattered on the streets after Russian troops withdrew from the area, prompting global outrage and accusations that war crimes had been committed.

“We categorically reject all accusations,’’ Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Monday, according to the Interfax agency.

Peskov also continued to question the authenticity of the numerous photographs taken of the dead.

Many of the pictures were taken by international media who were directly at the scene.

Nevertheless, Peskov said: “From what we have seen, the video footage cannot be trusted in many respects, because our specialists from the Defence Ministry have found evidence of video falsification and other fakes there.’’

The Defence Ministry in Moscow had suggested in a post on Telegram on Sunday that the footage could be fake.

For example, one of the people lying on the side of the road is alleged to be moving his hand in a video recording.

However, no hand movement can be seen in the video in question. (dpa/NAN)