Blurred Lines. Not Bloodlines


From left: Abba Kyari, C Oluomo and another friend

By Odolaye Aremu

Abba Kyari, the crackpot Nigerian ‘Dirty’ Harry Callahan is ego tripping. And this happens when law enforcement agents allow their primordial instincts overrule their sense of professionalism.

This Benbella wannabe definitely has gotten too big for his uniform. The Nigerian Police Force, already is a cabalistic, vigilante posse where there are no enforceable, official rules or code of conduct. If there were any before now, they seemed vanquished by the attitude of this crop of newbreed officers’ blatant disregard for etiquette.

The line between an officer and a thug got blurred further as evidenced by the warm union of Kyari, MC Oluomo-the Oshodi Kingpin and another unidentified dude making a show of cutting what looks like Kyari’s birthday cake designed as the top part of the Nigerian police uniform, in an undated picture that has since gone viral on social media days ago.

In perspective, it’s a 1920s picture of Al Capone clinking glasses of champagne with Elliot Ness. Bringing it back home to our unique reality; it is a fantastic qualifier of a DSP Iyamu publicly fraternizing with the notorious Lawrence Anini, or SP Kayode Unaeroro doing a karaoke duet with Monday Osunbor at a beer parlor. It is everything totally wrong with common sense, law enforcement and professionalism. The truth is- Abba Kyari is not really smart, for the dude brazenly digitalized his stupidity and it is there for us all to see in living color. Little wonder MC is looking to hire an ‘HR Girl’ for his Oshodi office! The more friends he has in the force, the closer he gets to his dream. Sai Governor MC Oluomo. Sai IG Kyari.

Àwọn wèrè!