Four Years?

Adeleke dancing

By Odolaye Aremu

The ridiculous side of it is that his dance moves are predictable. Almost pitiful that the dude cannot help himself. I have seen more than enough of him at his clown show, to figure that his rhythm and timing are equally pegged down to even numbers. As in 2,4,6,8,10. And after 10 he’s back at 2 again.
His impulsiveness is on the same plateau as that of any precocious 7-year old with uncontrollable gift for fancy footworks. He is definitely a slave to rhythm and beats. Any kind!
He spins wildly around like an extra-large bowling pin. Stops, peers right, then left like a gleeful school kid watching out for vehicles at a Zebra crossing. Then he does the Running Man. Then he swipes at his face, with one of those soft, jelly hands of his, like he was wiping away some imaginary sweat away from his brow. He intuitively flicks the fingers.
Then he does the criss-cross two finger peek-A-boo. Right, left and he does it to that:
“Here-I-am-baby-signed-sealed, delivered-I-am-yours-” look in the best way he knows how. Someone must have terribly lied to him that he was a stud! They sure did! The most annoying part is the sloppy smirk on his face whenever he’s expressly acting the gubernatorial fool.
Alfonso Ribeiro from Ede is our sitting governor and we are now his ‘captured’ audience. In his mind, we love him and we are enjoying the nonsensical show. In reality – we are just done. Shamefully done!
Our governor in Osun is the reason parents must learn to frequently reset their wards to the ‘default’ settings before they abscond the nest. Now how do we even begin to reset this buffoon now? A damn grown man! And for four years?!
Èèdì Ẹdẹ rèé ó!
*Odolaye Aremu is a public affairs analyst