The Boobytraps and Osinbajo’s Bid for President


Vice President Yemi Osinbajo. Photo; Tolani Alli

By Ena Ofugara

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo will make a capable president. Let us get that out of the way. He is smart, reasonably articulate … no Obama. He flies the flag of religion (the reason some will support without question) and has discharged his duty to President Muhammadu Buhari well, at least, in his mind.
In many climes, the VP usually attempts to and does succeed a term-limited president. Bush and Ronald Raegan. Biden would have run vs Trump were it not for family issues in 2016 which opened the door to Clinton (or so they say). Osinbajo, as all Veeps would love to do a Bush, (if not a Jonathan to Yar Adua, if truth be told. lol) but then, Buhari and today’s medicine is healthier than envisaged

However, HOW WILL OSINBAJO CAMPAIGN? How will he navigate the landmines? How will he avoid the boobytraps?

For one, he is a part of the worst government on earth since Rehoboam took over from King Solomon in the Bible.
How will he explain his role in this failed government?
Will he go Pontius Pilate and wash his hands off Buhari? If he does that, how will Buhari and his followers take it?
Will he take credit for whatever achievement (few and far between) of Buhari? Doing that ties him to an administration that has failed all of its campaign pledges.

Will he minimize the office of VP when it is a criticism and then claim credit for success..?
Okay, Nigeria beat Egypt. That is a Buhari Osinbajo centerpiece achievement.
The argument for a VP taking over from his term-limited president is the need for CONTINUITY. Do Nigerians want to CONTINUE like this?

The truth is Osinbajo is being pushed by some to split Tinubu’s camp. He knows he lacks the finances and structure outside of Tinubu to run.

Plus every veep needs the stamp of approval from his principal. BUHARI THINKS SO LITTLE OF OSINBAJO, HE REFUSED TO HAND OVER TO HIM WHEN TRAVELING ABROAD for health purposes, as required by law. Joe Biden handed to Kamala the day he had a minor procedure within the US. Buhari travels for months and does not handover to Osinbajo. Is this the man Buhari will hand over the country to?
Osinbajo’s presidential run will be financed. He will make some wave. However, the real reason he will have these backers is that many powerful people, both Hausa and Yoruba are against Tinubu’s candidacy.
Osinbajo is not so much more than a spoiler.

Buhari does not trust him. Tinubu no longer trusts him. Obasanjo is going round with Jonathan. In this game, who stands behind you is essential and thus far, except God loves serial liars, then not even God stands behind Osinbajo.

*Ena Ofugara writes from Texas