Boris Johnson/Novak Djokovic: The Cost of Indiscipline!

Boris Johnson/Novak Djokovic: The Cost of Indiscipline!

Sunday, January 16, 2022 2:00 pm

British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson: announced a new settlement scheme, which would allow up to 20,000 Afghan vulnerable refugees to seek sanctuary in Britain over the coming years.

British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson

By Temitope Ajayi
British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson is facing a serious threat of losing his job over poor judgement.
Last year, the British government imposed harsh Covid-19 restrictions on the people. The government banned all forms of social gatherings, parties and going to pubs. Sadly, Prime Minister failed to keep the rules he imposed on the people. According to media reports which he had admitted, after earlier denials, the PM was having booze parties at 10 Downing Street with some of his senior officials and friends.
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He is now facing pressure to resign. While the British press is having him by the balls, opposition Labour Party is leading the assault in Parliament.
Justifiably, the people are very angry that the PM didn’t abide by Covid-19 rules he imposed on entire country. There is now a wide crack in his Tory party. The PM’s opponents within and outside his party are holding the daggers.

In Australia we also have a case of a tennis superstar who wants to impose his own will and personal preference on a whole country. I doubt if Novak Djokovic will ever survive the avoidable mess he has put himself in. Australian government has cancelled his Visa and currently put in Immigration detention. If the court ruled against him on Monday he will be out of the Australian Open where he is the tournament’s favourite.

Novak Djokovic

Australians who have endured harshest covid-19 lockdowns in the last two years are seething that any celebrity can ride roughshod over their country’s rule. It has now been revealed Djokovic made false declaration to enable him circumvent rules in Australia. Djokovic may end up destroying himself just because he is not disciplined enough to abide rules.
I think human beings find it very easy to achieve all the greatness there is to achieve in this world than to have the discipline to sustain it. And it only takes one moment of indiscipline and indiscretion to bring everything crashing down. In the Bible, King Solomon identified wisdom as the principal thing and admonished us that in all our getting, we must get understanding.
Leadership is a huge responsibility at all levels that demands some level of moral example.

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