For Oga Folu Olamiti at 70

For Oga Folu Olamiti at 70

Tuesday, November 30, 2021 9:14 am

Folu Olamiti

By Lasisi Olagunju
“The bearer is from me, pls give him adequate audience” was the ten-word inscription on the complimentary card I took to him. Mr. Folu Olamiti was the editor of the Nigerian Tribune. He read the message in a second, looked up and asked me what the matter was. I told him I wanted to work in Tribune.
“Work in Tribune? What are your qualifications?”
I answered him with my degree certificate. He collected it, took a glance, then looked again.
“Ah. We will take you,” he declared and asked me to go sit with his secretary, Dupe, who was also remarkably warm. He needed some time to sort out some things in his office.
I waited. He came out and said I should follow him. He took me up a staircase, then turned left, walked like five steps, stopped and opened a door.
“M.E.” he called through the doorway. “I met this guy, he made a First Class in English. I think we should take him.” He said and handed me over properly to M.E.
‘M.E’ turned out to be the acronym for ‘Managing Editor.’ The big masquerade holding that office was Mr Biodun Oduwole who showed an electrifyingly keen interest in me immediately. From that point, the two of them adopted me as their boy (something very unusual). I got the job almost immediately. The remaining part of that story will be told somehow someday.
The day I assumed duty was Oga Folu’s last day as Editor, Nigerian Tribune. He had been elevated to the position of Executive Director, Operations. But his interest in how I did my work remained unflagging throughout the years we spent together in Tribune House. The relationship has remained boss and boy till today.
Oga Olamiti is 70 today. His boys and beneficiaries are everywhere, in usual and unusual places. He did (and still does) good to so many people, including me. Therefore, goodness and mercy shall continue to follow him all his life.
Congratulations, sir.

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