Why I Wrote Book on Ayinde Barrister- Tunde Busari

Why I Wrote Book on Ayinde Barrister- Tunde Busari

Tuesday, October 12, 2021 12:40 pm

The book on Barrister by Tunde Busari

Author of ‘My Journey With Barry Wonder’, Tunde Busari, has clarified that his new book was an expose on his unusual bond with the late Fuji musician, Dr Sikiru Ayinde Balogun famously known as Barrister, adding he did not write on Barrister biography with acknowledgment that two previous books had explored his history.

In a statement, Busari, who is publisher of TheTabloid.net, a digital and conventional news magazine, stated that the book was not on list of his proposed projects until public response to his social media views on Barrister propelled him to change his mind and give it what he called critical thoughts based on his work principle.

Tunde Busari

He explained that he had other subjects in mind until calls for the book became persistent and thus irresistible, saying those people suspected that inside him was hidden some insightful perspectives, not about history of Barrister but basically about the whole body of his music.

Busari said he had no reason to regret that he gave in to the calls because, according to him, Barrister had assumed a religion status to him and hundreds of other fans who, till date, he hinted, still converge physically and virtually to review his many timeless audio and visual releases.

He disclosed that the book is divided into 14 chapters, totaling 509 pages, to offer readers variety of topics such as ‘year of rage’, end in sight’, ‘the narrow escape’ among others. He added that all chapters shed light on what he described as his unusual adventure into Barrister’s music from his growing up years in the 70s till he passed away on December 16, 2010 in his London residence.

“What I have presented in the book is detail of my long fraternity with his songs and sound with a view to bringing out some unknown peculiarities in that songbird called Barrister. I actually did not know that I had this much about him in me until I made up my mind in 2020 to write the book and satisfy yearnings of my fellow fans who had earlier encouraged me to do a book,” he said.

Aside Barrister, Busari added that members of his band and evolution of different styles were examined in details, including his backroom personnel together with whom he gave his brand of music identity of a the global appeal.

“By the prodigious and unrelenting struggle of Barrister, Fuji music today features at social gatherings in almost all continents, creating job opportunities to those who could have ended it elsewhere. I made attempt to clarify issues on place of fuji genre among indigenous music in Nigeria,” he revealed

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