BBNaija: Lessons Nini’s Saga has taught us

BBNaija: Lessons Nini’s Saga has taught us

Wednesday, September 22, 2021 5:20 pm

Saga: crestfallen by Nini's disappearance from BBN House

Saga: crestfallen by Nini’s disappearance from BBN House

By Nehru Odeh

He was born Adeoluwa Okusaga, but he is known as Saga in the Big Brother Naija’s house. And true to his name he has never been freed from saga, from histrionics, theatrics, that are inalienable aspects of the human condition.

Saga has twice shown not just the power and control love have over us humans but that also we are mere humans, no matter the show of bravado, masculinity and macho we sometimes put up.

Nini is currently serving a prank. She has been absent since last night and Saga has let his emotions take the better of him. He is inconsolable as his heartthrob, the lady he has connected with since the beginning of the show suddenly disappeared last night.

Saga has shown that he is no longer himself since Nini’s disappearance. The other housemates are also in a quandary as they try to come to terms with their fellow housemate’s sudden disappearance.

While Pere has hinted at what is currently going on, insisting that Biggie is pulling a prank, the rest of them cannot put a handle on what is happening, each giving their own opinions.

 Angel says Nini must have been taken to a psychologist, though she is not sure of that. While, Cross says there must be something Saga told Nini last night that made her leave the house. Yet nobody is sure of what is going on.

Still, many believed that Saga has lived up to his name twice. First was when Biggie pulled a prank last week in the house. He made sure Saga and Liquorose pretend they were no longer interested in their relationships.

While Liquorose put up that no-nonsense face and held on till the end, Saga couldn’t. He betrayed his emotions, took pity on Nini and confessed to Nini that his it was all a prank.

That confession saved not just the day but also Nini from going through more mental torture. Saga was just human. But many saw him as a weakling, a woman wrapper, because he couldn’t act as a man.

Now, Biggie has pulled another prank. Nini has disappeared, and Saga has betrayed his emotions again. He has been inconsolable since last night and has never hidden how heartbroken he has been since Nini’s purported disappearance.

No one is indeed in doubt about the love Nini and Saga have for each other. Right from the outset, they took a liking to each other and connected. And not only are they always seen with each other, they have each other backs as well. Still many consider Saga a weakling.

However, no matter what anybody thinks, Nini’s Saga has taught us some lessons.

1. The first lesson is that no matter our show of masculinity and bravado, we are just human. We are bound to show emotions since we are humans. Just that emotions that are controlled could be destructive and injurious.  The emotion is a very strong aspect of the human condition, something we could use for good or ill, depending on our inclinations.

2. Another lesson is that love is the strongest thing in life. It could be used to create or destroy. It could also be used to uplift mankind. Still, when love is not checked, it could be destructive. Still, love is the highest form of emotion.

3. Life and relationships are transient. Every beginning has an end. No matter are involved we are in our relationships or attached to life, we should know that no condition is permanent. Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher once said the only permanent thing is change.  Once we have this mindset, we would be able to cope with changes in life, no matter how unsavoury and harsh they may be.

Biigie has pulled another prank. His baritone voice rang twice in the house, asking Nini, who has been absent, to report to the Diary Room; an act that made Pere confirm that Biggie is pulling a prank.

Is Saga a weakling for betraying his emotions? Rather than be the first to cast the first stone, let’s chew the lessons, masticate and digest them.  It’s fun tinged with lots of lesson after all.

Still, whatever you think it is, this is Nini’s saga. Let the show go on.

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