Olu Of Warri’s coronation: Commercial Activities Paralysed

Olu Of Warri’s coronation: Commercial Activities Paralysed

Saturday, August 21, 2021 11:17 am

One of the boatyards filled with people

By Jethro Ibileke
Commercial activities and vehicular movement in Ugbangue, Ajamimogha and other areas dominated by the Itsekiris in the oil rich city of Warri are currently shut as thousands of Itsekiri people from home and abroad are currently trooping to jetties at the various boatyards to board boats and ferries to Ode-Itsekiri, for the coronation of Prince Tsola Emiko as the 21th Olu of Warri.
Traditionally, Itsekiri Monarch’s are crowned at Ode-Itsekiri, (a small Island on the Warri River), the ancestral home of the Itsekiri people, but their palace is located in Ajamimogha, in Warri.
Guests heading for the Coronation ceremony at Ode-Itsekiri have converged at the various jetties meant to convey them as early as 6 am.
While transporters were able to ply their trades, shops are not currently open for business, just as serious traffic gridlocks are observed on major roads in Warri.

Prince Tsola Emiko to be installed Olu of Warri today

The development results in commuters groaning over their inability to get transportation to their various destinations.
At the time of filing this report, thousands of Itsekiri indigenes have gathered at the Warri boatyard, Warri Club, Uwangue Waterside, Ifiekporo waterside, awaiting the Olu-designate to appear for a boat regatta along the Warri river and a journey to Ode-Itsekiri where his coronation will be held.

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