The Fall Of Kabul: America Cannot Perpetually Remain In Afghanistan!

The Fall Of Kabul: America Cannot Perpetually Remain In Afghanistan!

Monday, August 16, 2021 4:26 pm

Taliban militants on the prowl in Afghanistan

Taliban militants on the prowl in Afghanistan

By Yahaya Balogun

Diplomatically, it must have been frustratingly dawn on the US State Department and President Biden to see Kabul crumbling before our very eyes. The intelligence agencies have accurately predicted the fall of Kabul. Let the pundits engage in political argy-bargy. The evolving nuances of the world’s geopolitical structure should be very instructive to all stakeholders in the United States. Counter-insurgency and great partnership are not possible without a strong government which is abysmally lacking in Afghanistan. Our military and Afghan Vets performed their roles honorably in the unwinnable war. They should be honored so! It must be reiterated that western democracy is nonexistent and unworkable in the reasonably religious and tribal region of the geopolitics in the middle eastern world.

Without any equivocation, one message that this concerned writer will earnestly recommend to President Biden in this defining moment of his administration’s foreign policy is that: America’s occupation of Afghanistan is perpetually unsustainable. Now, this pertinent message above should be resonating in our national conversation. First but, Biden’s administration must ensure national dialogue and amplify it beyond the United States’ shores. The US and its allies have no business in Afghanistan after the chief perpetrators of September 11, 2001, have been captured and exterminated. On the wee hours of Tuesday, September 11, 2001, Americans and the world woke up to the stunning news of rude attacks on American soil by a terror group Al-Qaeda. America and its allies waged a battle against the rustic region. The Taliban and its affiliates have heard the loud message that you cannot attack America and go scot-free.

Yahaya Balogun

For a pertinent reason, this is not the time for the blame game in the US. The US withdrawal from occupied Afghanistan should not be viewed as a failure of intelligence and imagination; rather, it should be seen as problematic decision-making and diplomatic venture that augurs well for the Afghans’ future and the people of the United States. But, unfortunately, the western media’s mercantilists will come to the fore! Like famished hawks, the western media will pounce on the unfolding news to dissuade the mind of the American people who want the “forgotten war” halted and stopped.

Expectedly and politically, The liberal democrats will be in a slumbering cave to amplify and stay on a generally acceptable message that will resonate in the consciousness of the American people. But, they will lose the news to the power-hunger-grabbing republicans. The hawkish republicans will use this ugly unfolding development in Afghanistan to play their usual selfish and monotheistic politics. GOP will fail with their political message because most Americans want the United States of America out of the trenched occupied territory.

In a nutshell, the intelligence community predicted Kabul’s unfolding and imminent taboos a long time ago. Likewise, the former Presidents of The United States knew that the collapse of Kabul was imminent and inevitable. America and its allies won the battle of Afghanistan but abysmally failed to win the culturally rugged and determined Taliban and its ramshackle army. President Trump, the last former US President, and his administration got it right by negotiating the US exit from occupied Afghanistan with the Taliban. Former Afghan President, Ashraf Ghani who abdicated his power in the last few hours, was the weakest and wimpy President ever existed in our collective memory. The spineless President took to his heels, leaving the hapless and dehumanized Afghans to their precarious fate.

For decades, America has been painfully fighting this unending war in Afghanistan, and precisely for more than twenty years. Billions of American dollars have been expended and wasted to train the demotivated and uninterested Afghan army. The feeble Afghan army was robustly equipped, stupendously financed, and resourcefully maintained by the American government to take over their own security and future. The former President Trump has never been this writer’s political and moral fan, but Trump was right to have signed the withdrawal of America from occupied Afghanistan with the Taliban. The failure of the Afghan army to be responsible for their security should not encumber American-Afghanistan veterans at all.

Meanwhile, our Afghanistan veterans in the United States should not see the fall of Kabul as a defeat of their efforts to liberate America from terror activities. Our American veterans indisputably won the Afghan battle, but they did not win the unwinnable war. War is an aberration anywhere. No one wins in a war of attrition. War is a chaos-induced event. War destroys everyone’s conscience and consciousness. Therefore, the solution to Afghan problems is not a military solution but diplomatic missions for both parties to meet at the diplomatic equilibrium. Every attempt must be made to avoid conflict; resolution must be made with the Taliban for peace to save lives.

In reality, the coup against Kabul fails the Afghan government to secure their country from the Taliban’s insurgency. After accessing the intelligence reports and the dire and chaotic situation in Afghanistan, President Biden must address the people of America without further delay. Americans should understand why our country cannot remain in Afghanistan forever. As the Taliban agreed to save American lives and return their country to cultural modernism, Biden’s administration must quickly evacuate all Americans from the troubled region without further delay.

Moreover, the Taliban appear poised to rewrite their ugly history. As Americans, all we want from the Taliban is not to allow their country as a safe haven for terrorists to attack the United States, its allies, and other countries. It is pertinent to note that America cannot forever be a force of occupation and perpetuity in Afghanistan! The new self-proclaimed and “disciplined” Taliban must respect Afghan women and children’s fundamental human rights. However, time is of the essence. Taliban seem gracefully determined to enforce this nuance. Time will tell. Again, America must be unrepentant to defend its territorial integrity against foreign terrorists and brigandage in the future.

Yahaya Balogun wrote this piece from Arizona, the United States of America.

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