How Ahmed Joda and I hit It off since 1959 – Obasanjo

How Ahmed Joda and I hit It off since 1959 – Obasanjo

Saturday, August 14, 2021 12:58 pm


Ahmed Joda

By Adejoke Adeleye,Abeokuta


Former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo has reacted to the death of  the late former Permanent Secretary, Alh. Ahmed Joda and other Super Permanent Secretaries.

Obasanjo while reacting to the news through his special Assistance on Media , Mr Kehinde Akinyemi, described the news of his over 60 years friendship with Joda as heart breaking news.

Until his death Joda was the Chancellor of the Bells University Otta and about 60 year old friend of the  former President died on Friday, aged 91.

He said Joda was not just a Nigerian, but, a true and great Nigerian who saved the unity of Nigeria shortly after the country’s upheaval in 1966. He is committed to unity, development and progress of the country.

“Oh! What a heart breaking news, that my friend for well over 60 years have passed to the great beyond. If every Nigerian have attributes of Joda, Nigeria will have been more better than what it is now.

“Ahmed Joda by his feature did not need to tell you is a Fulani man, but, in everything I know he did, he lived not just as a Fulani man, he lived, he worked and he laboured as a true Nigerian. They are not many like him, and that was what strengthen our relationship since 1959,” Obasanjo was quoted having said.

He said that they met when he was a Second Lieutuant in the Nigeria Army and Joda was a Deputy Chief Information Officer in the Federal Civil service.

Olusegun Obasanjo

Obasanjo, who rolled out the drums to celebrate Joda’s 90th birthday last year in Abeokuta, recalled that the effort of him and his other Super Permanent Secretaries as they were fondly called in the then civil service saved Nigeria in 1966.

According to the former President, “I know that if not for people like Joda and other Senior Permanent Secretaries as they were called Super Permanent Secretary as at that time, after the second upheaval of 1966, after the first upheaval we would have had Nigeria broken into pieces. Because Araba was bent on having Nigeria divided.

“But, it was Ahmed Joda and other Super Permanent Secretaries (senior civil servants) like Philip Asiodu, Liman Ciroma, Alison Ayida who prevailed not to have Nigeria broken up.

“Well, Dear Ahmed, you have served your family, your community. You have served your country and indeed humanity, you have done your best, including working for the transition between the Buhari administration and Jonathan administration.

“You have done your best working with me on the progress and programme of the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library. You have done your best on becoming the Chancellor of the Bells University. We love you, but God love you best. Rest permanently in the bossom of Allah,” Obasanjo said.

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