BBNaija: Why Beatrice, Niyi and Yerins were evicted – lessons learnt

BBNaija: Why Beatrice, Niyi and Yerins were evicted – lessons learnt

Sunday, August 8, 2021 9:48 pm

Niyi, Beatrice and Yerin: Evicted from BBNaija Shine Ya'Eye

Niyi, Beatrice and Yerins: Evicted from BBNaija Shine Ya’Eye

By Nehru Odeh

Just as the News magazine predicted, Beatrice and Yerins have been evicted. Though Niyi was the first to be evicted, it was just a matter of time before Beatrice and Yerins went the same way

Why the three housemates were evicted.


Right from the time the female housemates were ushered into the Big Brother Naija House, Beatrice, the Port Harcourt -based fashion model started sowing the seeds of her downfall. She couldn’t mix up with her colleagues and was always seen alone and withdrawn. Although she attributed mental health to the abuse she had suffered in her seven year marriage, she wasn’t supposed to carry that baggage into the house.

For one to succeed in the house, right from the blast of the referee’s whistle, the housemates have to make the best use of their conversational and networking skills. They must also be skillful enough to form alliances and cliques. These things Beatrice failed to do. So her eviction did not come as a surprise.


Yeris is a medical doctor who he did not put his experience with patients to good use. Like Beatrice, he was uninspiring and couldn’t mix up with the other housemates.


Niyi who hailed from Oyo State but based in South Africa also shot himself in the foot when as the married man he always prided himself on, he couldn’t mix freely with his fellow housemates, especially the female ones. And during sessions such as Truth and Dare, in which housemates were expected to be free and go wild, Niyi was restrictive. He couldn’t operate fully because of his marital status, yet he was caught admiring the backside of a female housemate and bloggers feasted on that


1 When in the Big Brother House, you have to put your interactive and conversational skills to good use. These Beatrice and Yerins failed to do

2. When you are in the house you are in the house. You have to drop all your baggage at home and be in the house fully, not one leg in and one leg out. These things the three housemates failed to do.

3. Big Brother house is place where everybody has to be on top notch. Beatrice, Yerins and Niyi weren’t.


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