BBNaija: How Maria wormed her way into her housemates’ hearts

BBNaija: How Maria wormed her way into her housemates’ hearts

Monday, August 2, 2021 8:23 am

BBNaija housemate, Maria

BBNaija housemate, Maria

By Nehru Odeh.

She was born Maria Chike Agueze. But the 29-year-old former air hostess, turned realtor from Imo state is simply known as Maria in the Big Brother Naija House.

However If the way the housemates voted on Sunday 1 August 2021, as they tried to figure out the two wildcards in the house, is anything to go by, Maria is a housemate to watch. She will definitely go far in the house.

Reason: Though Maria and Pere were named by Biggie as the two wildcards in the house, none of the housemates voted Maria at all.

The questions then are, how did she go unnoticed? Why couldn’t any of the housemates detect her? The answers are not far-fetched. Not that they couldn’t detect her, most of them were already attached to her.

Here are the reasons:

1. Her beauty aside, Maria has very good interaction and human relationships skills, given her background as a former air hostess who is widely travelled. So she was able in one week to worm herself into the affections of the rest of the housemates. Most of the housemates knew she was a wildcard but they couldn’t afford to let her go, given her likeable personality.

For instance, WhiteMoney, who was the first to vote on Sunday, didn’t pick Maria, even though he had already known Maria was a wildcard. He confessed that on Sunday night after the vote. Rather he voted Pere and Liquorose.

2. Maria was also able to get the trust and confidence of not just the other housemates but also the backing of some females in the house, which included Peace, Nini and Arin. The trio did all they could to make sure she remained in the house.

3. Maria was able to play her game very well. Even though she knew she was a wildcard, she joined her colleagues in looking for housemates who could be wildcards. This is indeed the case of the hunted becoming a hunter in order to survive.

4. Staying long in the house is a matter of survival. And the housemates are expected to make good use of their negotiating skills to survive. Maria just did that.

5. Being smart and intelligent, Maria made use of those two traits to gain the confidence of the other housemates.

6. Maria also had good conversational skills, which she made good use of.

7. Her beauty is also one of Marie’s strengths. She is not just beautiful, she has the shape of a model.

Still, there is a caveat. Now, many are saying that since the other 20 housemates have finally known that Maria and Pere are the two wildcards, they will call for their heads and make sure they are evicted.

Will Maria be evicted so soon? I don’t think so. She has all what it takes to survive in the house and a very good fan base.

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