BBNaija: Some of WhiteMoney’s popular quotes

BBNaija: Some of WhiteMoney’s popular quotes

Thursday, July 29, 2021 4:46 pm

Whitemoney: popular BBNaija Shine Ya' Eye

Whitemoney: popular BBNaija Shine Ya’ Eye housemate

By Nehru Odeh

Though less than a week in the Big Brother Naija house Oyeze Onou, aka WhiteMoney, has endeared himself to his fellow housemates and fans.

Not only has he shown some culinary skills as he cooks for his housemates (though he has said he is not in the house to cook), he has betrayed some originality, frankness, a sense of service and has brought fun to the house.

Still, he has also brought vibes into the house, what with the way he carries himself, his sense of humour and his no-holds- barred utterances.

Here are some of his quotable quotes:

“When I first saw you, I was like who is this Mami Water?” he told Maria, a fellow housemate.

“I’ve done many things, I ride Okada tire. I do my barbing during the day and ride Okada at night.”

“I’ve also done photography, fixed tiger gen and fixed telecom mast all for the hustle.”

“if you want to know my worth follow me go village.”

“I think I’m this kind of person that don’t know how to approach a woman.”

“I’ve never entered a plane before. I don’t even know what a plane looks like.”

“If you’re 25 and still in your parents’ house, there is no problem but be a contributor in that house.”

“My senior brother is stingy… Shout out to you, bro. You’re stingy.”

“I’m hustling in Lagos, I won’t be balling in Lagos.

“An Igbo man can be living in a flat here and pay rent to landlord but he has a mansion worth billions in his hometown.”

“I lived under the bridge with the chairman of ‘agberos’ in 2014, yet I didn’t smoke.”

“I don’t want to be raising prayer points when I’m 40.”

“(Emeka Okonkwo aka E-Money’s house) is Heaven that fell down and stayed in one part of Earth”.



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