Mikel King: How I’ll impact Nigeria through “Talk”

Mikel King: How I’ll impact Nigeria through “Talk”

Monday, July 5, 2021 10:33 am


Mikel King

Nigerian singer Mikel King has revealed how he planned to create an impact on Nigeria and the world at large through his music.

Mikel King, in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria on Sunday, said he has told his management to give out 25% of the money made through his debut single titled Talk to the downtrodden in our society.

Speaking on why he released Talk, Mikel King said:

“I have loads of songs recorded already but Talk is more important to me for certain reasons.

“Talk was a song I composed during my downtime when my life had no bearings and I was deprived of love by my society. I was highly underrated. Everything I had was small. My pocket was small, my stature was small and everyone looked down on me except my family and few friends.


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“So, when my story changed, I told myself I must do this for the downtrodden. So Talk is for people who have been told they are not entitled to love because they are still in the “process” of getting “there.”

“The world is now centered on money and social media values but am saying to my fans who I call King FC that you will get there, no matter what, stay true to yourself, and don’t get bullied or threatened.”

On his plans for 2021, Mikel King said:

“My plan is to make Talk a global song with the help of my Kings and Queens under the umbrella of King FC. But the plan is even bigger. I want 25% of the money made from streaming platforms to go to unemployed youths, people with special abilities, orphanage homes, and others who need support in our society.   I have told my management to do so and it will be done.  We can no longer wait for the government to do it all and that’s why everyone must give what they have to support the people of Nigeria.

“Very soon, I will also announce my show which will be strictly for people with disabilities in Nigeria. But I won’t say much about that for now.

“So guys, let’s do this. support and stream Talk by Mikel King on all digital stores. Let’s make Nigeria great together.”

Speaking on fans’ reactions, Mikel King said: It has been amazing. I’m only on Facebook, for now, so just check my page and see loads of reactions from King FC and Nigerians from all works of life. I feel blessed. The numbers on the streaming platforms are also going high every day. So, I will like to say Thank you, King FC. I’m so blessed to have you and to everyone who wants to join the family, you are very welcome. Feel free to message me on <a href=”https://web.facebook.com/benson.michael.54943″ rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>Facebook @Mikel

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