Sunday Igboho cancels Lagos rally, reveals how his house was attacked

Sunday Igboho cancels Lagos rally, reveals how his house was attacked

Thursday, July 1, 2021 4:03 pm

Sunday Igboho: Cancels Lagos Yoruba Nation rally

Sunday Igboho: Cancels Lagos Yoruba Nation rally

By Nehru Odeh

Sunday Adeyemo, aka Sunday Igboho, has cancelled the rally scheduled to hold in Lagos on Saturday. This latest development is coming after security operatives raided his house in Soka area of Ibadan. on Thursday morning, leaving two people dead, several missing and property destroyed.

Igboho, who had planned the rally for Saturday in Lagos told the BBC that he had to cancel the rally because of safety precautions, since he is no longer safe.

He had held several rallies in different parts of the Southwest prior to this attack

Igboho said he was in his house about 1:30am when he heard gunshots in front of his house and loud shouts saying, “We are DSS, we are soldiers, Sunday Igboho come out.”

“I peep through my window. I saw them dressed in DSS and Nigerian army uniform. I was surprised, wondering what the problem was, since I hadn’t kill anybody,” he said.

The activist also said he was stunned because he had always been nonviolent and his activism is for the safety of his people. “All what I have been doing is to fight for my people. My rally has been peaceful. The reason I fight for my people is because Fulani bandits kill and rape them yet government has failed to do the right thing. That is why I have come out to fight for them,” he maintained.

The media page of Igboho’s spokesperson, Mr Olayomi Koiki, in a live feed monitored by TNG, “alleged some men adorning military uniforms carried out the attack.”

The report also has it that Igboho’s vehicles, “including his G-wagon, Prado Jeep, some valuable properties including furniture, and windows were destroyed.”

Bullet holes were found in cars parked in the premises while blood stains were seen at the premises. Bullets as well as the pestle used to gain entrance into the building were also found on the floor, while some persons in the house including a close ally of Igboho identified as ‘Lady K’, were whisked away.

Prior to the Thursday attack and, therefore, cancellation of the planned rally, Igboho had always insisted it would hold despite cautions by security operatives.

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  • Ezekiel Okeke says:

    I have long made it clear that it is no longer about rally. It is now about establishing interim governments of the six sovereign states with military, police etc. to defend territorial borders of the six sovereign states, fix the lands and economies.

    Defeated fulani criminals from Guinea are cows- the only language they understand is use of force. Our liberation as this territory natives from the bondage of fulani caliphate called Nigeria in which the six geopolitical zones are sovereign states is only with the Sword, can never be peaceful.

    Natives of the six geopolitical zones must establish interim governments of their sovereign states now with military, police etc. to defend territorial borders of their sovereign states, fix their lands, economies or remain under bondage of defeated fulani caliphate called Nigeria and suffer.

    The majority of Yoruba people led by Sunday Igboho etc. which stand for Oduduwa Republic of south west within Disintegrated Republics of this territory natives, must establish interim government of Oduduwa Republic now with military, police etc. to defend territorial borders of Oduduwa Republic, fix Yoruba land and economies.

    Interim governing council of Biafra Republic led by Prof. Nnaji and Dr Ifeanyi Uba must deploy Biafra military, police etc. now to defend territorial borders of Biafra Republic, fix Igboland and economies.

    Any geopolitical zone which fail to establish interim government of their sovereign state now with military, police etc. to defend territorial borders of their sovereign state, fix their lands and economies, won’t survive this 2021. Only the Sword decides.

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