Túndé Kèlání : A bundle of Gifts to Yorubaland

Túndé Kèlání : A bundle of Gifts to Yorubaland

Monday, June 21, 2021 10:13 am

Túndé KèláníAlhaji Anígilájé Àyìnlá Ọmọwúrà,

By Yahaya Balogun 

The legendary Àyìnlá Ọmọwúrà’s ageless music has become an addictive musical tonic to the core of this writer and others. The tranquility of Àyìnlá Ọmọwúrà’s music to unquenchable souls in Yorùbáland is terrific and unbelievable.

It is heartwarming to hear that our quintessential man, the legendary filmmaker, and director, Túndé Kìlání is bringing to life through a movie and documentary the memory of our indefatigable strong man and talented African/Yoruba musician, Alhaji Anígilájé Àyìnlá Ọmọwúrà. I am proudly a Yoruba scion with an impeccable appreciation for our cultural heritage. Sadly, Nigeria is a trapped and raped nation with different extraordinary cultures.

Every time I remember the interesting old days and the primordial period of our lives in my rustic place in Nigeria, I am moved to tears. My rooted enclave is blessed with natural talents not by happenstance but through a nature-nurtured and cultural inheritance. Anyone who has watched Mr. Túndé Kèlání’s movies will attest to the man’s exemplary characters and unique talent.

Lateef Adedimeji, right, who plays Ayinla Omowura in Tunde Kelani’s eponymous biopic

Túndé Kèlání is a bundle of talent and a talent hunter in Nigeria. Túndé Kèlani’s artistic prowess can effortlessly compete with his contemporaries in Hollywood and Bollywood. Kèlání’s talent has continued to garnish the insatiable minds yearning for more from Nollywood and his bank of cultural knowledge. Kèlání is one of the artistic representations of the Yoruba beautiful but ignored culture. What else could be part of our joy and happiness emitting from our homeland other than to see the preservation of our progenitors’ various talents!

Àyìnlá Ọmọwúrà’s movie has debuted in the Nigerian movie theater with the quintessential efforts of our talented artists under the aegis of Mr. Túndé Kèlání. Star-Studded Túndé Kèláni-Produced Biopic ‘Àyìnlá’ has concluded shooting. Àyìnlá Ọmọwúrà’s biopic “Àyìnlá” which glances into the legendary Àpàlà musician’s life is now coming to the silver screen in Nigeria and beyond.

May God preserve Túndé Kìlání and other cultural men and women who are preserving our battered cultural heritage.

*Yahaya Balogun, Arizona, USA.

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