Military Officers from Jaji, Nigeria, Visit Ambassador Debo Adesina in Togo

Military Officers from Jaji, Nigeria, Visit Ambassador Debo Adesina in Togo

Tuesday, May 18, 2021 4:28 pm

*Ambassador Debo Adesina, centre, and the head of the delegation, Brig. Gen. Mohammed Tanimu Abdullahi during a ourtesy visit of the Armed Forces Command and Staff College Study (AFCSCS) tour to The Republic of Togo to the Embassy of Federal Republic of Nigeria, Lome – Togo On 17 May, 2021.


Officers and men of the Nigerian Armed Forces Command and Staff College (AFCSCS), Jaji, who are on study tour in Togo, paid a courtesy visit to the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Lome, Togo, on Monday 17th May, 2021.

Nigeria’s Ambassador to the Republic of Togo, His Excellency Debo Adesina, received them and thanked the men and women in uniform (officers from Ghana, Togo, Benin and Cameroon were also there) for their avowed commitment to keeping their compatriots safe and protecting the territorial integrity of their countries.

Adesina said that in as much as there are security challenges in Nigeria, in the West African sub-region and the African continent at large, “the nativity of courage and resilience to our continent, the integrity of African peoples, the decency of our being and the faith we have nurtured in ourselves throughout history, even in the face of greater adversities, will ensure our triumph.”

In the team, led by Brig. Gen. Mohammed Tanimu Abdullahi, alongside those from  Nigeria were officers from the Republics of Benin, Cameroun, Ghana, and the host country, Togo.

Adesina challenged them to deliberate thoroughly on how to end the security challenges bedeviling the West African sub-region. “We have a blessed and great region. And we must be the trigger for Africa’s peace and prosperity,” the ambassador said.








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