Environment: Plant a big tree today, for posterity

Environment: Plant a big tree today, for posterity

Thursday, May 13, 2021 4:53 pm


Steve Osuji and his Avocado pear


By Steve Osuji

I planted coconut trees; I planted local pears (ube); l planted mango trees, orange trees, guava, lime, tangerine, moringa, bitter kola, kolanut and now this AVOCADO PEAR!
Of all these, only bitter kola and kolanut have I not harvested. All the others I have enjoyed enormously in the cause of the last two decades.

Steve Osuji and his Avocado pear. See the tree at the background

Why are you planting these trees that would take decades to fruit? I have been asked.
And I would answer: the fruits you relish today, who planted them?
Six years on, I didn’t think my AVOCADO was ready to fruit yet. I didn’t even notice the littering of flower buds…
Then late last December, it handed me a Christmas gift – bulbous green pears, edible chlorophyll dangling so low I would stoop to pluck them… what joyous yuletide.

One of his young Avocado pear trees

I had bought a set of particularly large and egg-yoke like pears in 2014 or thereabouts, and I couldn’t help but make a nursery of the seeds.
Today, this tree appears to me like a queen; slender-waist queen: lithe, regal with plunging chest.
And the fruits? They call this specie butter pear! But I say this must be the queen mother of all avocado pears: a long proud neck seated on a rhomboid bottom like a sculpted goose.

Steve Osuji

How does it taste? It must be the very taste of life: milk and butter and honey… only one thing probably tastes better! Take a guess …

I planted for posterity but here I am taking the first picks.

-Steve Osuji is a journalist, public affairs analyst and a lover of gardening.

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