I did not mock Adeboye, I was misquoted-  Sunday Igboho

I did not mock Adeboye, I was misquoted-  Sunday Igboho

Monday, May 10, 2021 8:10 am


Sunday Igboho, left

Mr. Sunday Igboho, the Yoruba cultural activist, has denied mocking Pastor Enoch Adeboye who lost his son recently, saying it was because the clergy man did not support Oduduwa Republic agitation.

When attacks on Ighoho on social media became overwhelming and unbearable, Igboho issued a public denial.

He said: “They said I mocked Pastor Adeboye, I didn’t mock that man. He is our father. I wasn’t talking to him. I don’t know him and he does not know me. I am a Christian. Had it been that I am a Muslim, they would have said I’m trying to be religiously intolerant. I was only saying the Yoruba nation is not a religious matter. We accommodate Muslims, Christians and traditionalists. I didn’t insult that man. People just misquoted me by cutting that part of the video. Did I mock him? I didn’t say anything concerning him.

“I was asked a question about the death of his son, how will I mock him over his son’s death. I can’t pray that his son should die. I didn’t say anything negative about him. I said all elders who have the power to assist the Yoruba race but choose not to, I rained curses on them.”

“God who created us knows when we will go back. Whoever mocks the dead will also die one day. We all will die. How will I mock the dead? I didn’t insult the deceased son. May God forgive the dead and may his soul rest in peace. May our father live long,” Sunday Igboho stated.

-Click on the video of what he said against Adeboye here


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