Uber launches Uber Connect and UberX Hourly in Nigeria

Uber launches Uber Connect and UberX Hourly in Nigeria

Thursday, April 29, 2021 2:43 pm


An Uber car. Credit: Potomac Local



*Uber provides helpful products when you need them

As cities slowly lift restrictions, Uber wants to ensure they build products that will help provide riders and earners with everyday solutions and earning opportunities. In response to this, at the Go Get global consumer virtual event, Uber has announced Uber Connect and Uber Hourly will be available in Nigeria in the next few months.


Tope Akinwumi, Uber’s country manager for Nigeria explains: “We want to bring innovations designed to help people get anywhere and get anything as cities start to move again. As we want to show our commitment to improving the lives of Nigerians, and more importantly, unlocking access to earning opportunities for drivers, we believe this announcement is a step in the right direction.”

 On-demand, point-to-point trips

Hourly is an alternative to on-demand, point-to-point trips that will provide riders added convenience with no need to re-book their ride. From a trip from the office to the pharmacy to the supermarket to home, riders can use their time as they wish without having to request multiple one-way trips with different drivers when running an errand or getting things done. 

 “Hourly already launched in several cities around the world including Dar es Salaam and based on those insights and the warm reception from both riders and drivers, we’re excited to bring this to Nigeria. We built this feature for those moments when you anticipate you’ll need extra time getting things done, and so drivers can access a meaningful earnings opportunity while “locking in” an upfront time frame for the service provided.” adds Akinwumi. 

A quick and affordable way to send packages 

Uber Connect can help communities stay connected during the health crisis. Leveraging Uber’s logistics technology and network, Uber Connect provides people with a quick and affordable way to send packages to friends and family using the Uber app. 

 Akinwumi explains, “The agility of our platform allows us to quickly adapt our products to meet the evolving needs of communities impacted by the health crisis while experimenting with new revenue streams and earning opportunities for drivers.” 

 Uber Connect is already available in Ghana, South Africa and Kenya, including other countries across the globe. 

 Providing a trusted solution to ensure riders can run errands and send packages affordably while introducing unique and flexible economic opportunities for drivers will not only support a struggling economy, but create opportunity for growth, both now and in the future.

 Uber’s responsibility doesn’t end at merely providing this service and have kept safety in mind by providing relevant health information with drivers to ensure they are well-trained in COVID-19 related safety protocols and have been provided with hand sanitisers for use during trips.  Uber will announce further details on  Uber Connect and UberX Hourly closer to the launch date. 

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