The Joy of the Jab

The Joy of the Jab

Thursday, April 22, 2021 8:16 am


Professor Niyi Osundare. Photo by The Sun

(Hurray for Medical Science)


By Niyi Osundare

In went the needle, then out
And the nurses hailed its promise
With a chorus of hearty “Congratulations!”
Hurray for this army of happy Angels

Hurray for them who stood, front-line,
When Death marched in with viral violence
Clogging trembling streets with a caravan of corpses
And our breathless world with a cacophony of wails

Hurray for the Magi of Modern Medicine
Who put Pain to flight, Death to shame
Hurray for the Art which ennobles their Science
The Science which enlightens their Art

Hurray for the Lab bug, the tireless nerd
The peering eyes, the sleepless minds
Who moved the world from Eureka to eulogy
And put a healthy Future within our reach

Condolences for that widowed wife in a nameless hamlet
The orphaned brood, the teacherless school
For those whose lives once hanged on a viral thread
And at whose passing the trumpet forgot its tongue

Hurray for all in us that is Human – and most enduring
For our laughing moments and sorrowing spells
For Hope so bent but never broken
Hurray for Life and its endless Song

Niyi Osundare
March 4, 2021

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