Priest cautions Presidential Spokeperson on inflammatory remarks

Priest cautions Presidential Spokeperson on inflammatory remarks

Wednesday, April 21, 2021 12:33 pm


Richard Elesho

A priest and Executive Director Lux Terra Leadership Foundation, Rev. Fr. George Ehisani has cautioned spokespersons of the President and other public servants to watch their utterances in order not to aggravate the divisive lines in the country. He gave the warning today, Wednesday during an interview monitored on Africa Independent Television AIT Focus Nigeria.

He said the economy and security of the country were down and the least the people could do was to cry loud so that they can be heard. He added that the leadership have either been deaf or ignoring the cries.

He was reacting to a statement from the presidency describing those calling for restructuring, self determination and reforms as enemies of Nigeria and that the President cannot be intimidated.

“Those calling for recession are calling for attention and doing it out of love. They need to be heard. Those calling for a new constitution are doing that because the ground norm is faulty and they want better ways of managing the country. I support that.

He decried a situation where governors appoint Local Government Chairmen and lawmakers, single handed, at the State and federal levels. He therefore called for urgent change.

“Nigerians have the right to demand change. Sovereignty belongs to the people. It does not belong to the President or the Governor. The President is a servant of the people and he is expected to listen to them.

He said the State is failing and that all hands must be on deck to save it from extinction. He noted that “you cannot beat a child and prevent him from crying” insisting that it is the right of the people to complain when they feel aggrieved.

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