Why Pantami cursed Deji Adeyanju and later yanked off comment

Why Pantami cursed Deji Adeyanju and later yanked off comment

Tuesday, April 20, 2021 8:20 am


Pantami curses Deji Adeyanju on Facebook

Like Mercutio in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet who, before he dies, curses both the Montagues and Capulets, crying several times, “A plague o’ both your houses!”, Dr. Isa Pantami, the Communications and Digital Economy Minister, stirred the hornets nest again yesterday on Facebook. He cursed his bogeyman, Deji Adeyanju, the Convener of a human rights group, Concerned Nigerians.

Pantami hates Adeyanju with a passion because of his letter to the US asking the country to place the Minister on the Terrorism Watchlist. And since then, sound sleep and perfect peace have eluded Pantami.

The Facebook yarn was first spun by one Datti Assalafiy who poured bile and vitriol from the pit of hell on Adeyanju.

According to Assalafiy: “The non-Muslim, Deji Adeyanju, hates Islam and Muslims, supports the abuse of Islam and Muslims on his social media.

“He is one of the enemies of Nigeria’s peace that has won a contract to spread the #ENDSARS crisis on social media which has cost Nigeria more than N3 trillion.

“He is the one who has now written a letter of complaint to the US Embassy in Abuja, requesting that the United States place Sheikh Dr Isa Ali Pantami on a list of people responsible for terrorist activities around the world, and that the embassy accepted his complaint.

“No matter the fate and destiny, there is nothing to associate with these pagans who hate us all the time and their parents.
“O Allah, show this pagan one of your verses, may Allah grant him a long life in hardship and humility to witness the glory of Malam Isa Ali Pantami and the Muslims in Nigeria. Amen Yaa Hayyu Yaa Qayyum.”

Then, Pantami used his verified Facebook page to add his own hideous submission. Pantami wrote in Hausa: “Allah ya tsine masa alubarika.” That is: “May Allah rebuke his [Adeyanju’s] blessings.”

Trust Nigerians! They descended on Pantami the way carrions would on an animal carcass left on a desert. When the darts were too many to bear, Pantami later yanked off the comment. However, it had attracted more than 348 hot reactions.

Trouble started for Pantami when Adeyanju, on 11 April, 2021, fired a letter, entitled: “Terrorist Watchlist – Isa Pantami,” to the US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, alleging that Pantami, being a minister in President Muhammadu Buhari’s government, allegedly supported troublers of world peace like Mullah Omar and Osama Bin Laden.

Adeyanju, in the letter, argued that if the allegation was true, then, “he (Pantami) should not hold a sensitive position and be in charge of the database of Nigerians.”

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