How We Remain Strong Over A Century Now-  FBNBank SL

How We Remain Strong Over A Century Now-  FBNBank SL

Monday, April 19, 2021 2:38 pm


Gbenga Odeyemi, FBNBANK SL Managing Director


Though he resumed duties last year, Gbenga Odeyemi, Managing Director, FBNBank SL, has continued with the banking. Vision of the Group. He has carried over a century load of banking vision, since First Bank was established in 1894.

Today, in Sierra Leone, just within a stint of operations, FBNBank, SL, has demonstrated an unprecedented zest in providing sterling services to its esteemed customers, that are growing in leaps and bounds, necessitating the Sierra Leone Ministry of Finance to nominate the bank as ‘ a potentially stable and a major Finance  provider globally’

The bank is now rated as the fastest growing financial institution in terms of customer satisfaction, in line with its global heritage.

One particularly striking feature of the bank is its pedigree to put the customer first in all its dealings. This is the secret of its continued strong prowess.

In Sierra Leone, Odeyemi knows the formula of success in a peculiar banking landscape,as he is carefully expanding the bank’s branches, both in Freetown and in the provinces, in line with the vision and mission of  its operations over a century ago.

The bank has received numerous awards by indigenous organizations, in view of its growing profile in the banking landscape in Sierra Leone, despites its late entry into the market.

Putting customer first, is the main reason that, today, the bank is considered as the financial institution of choice by many Sierra Leoneans.

Since you assumed office as the Managing Director of FBN Bank Sierra Leone, what are your achievements and challenges so far?

 In our corporate culture, we do not individualize our strides of success. We are a team and a family that is always striving towards creating exciting moments for our customers when they come in contact with our services. We see ourselves as being successful when our customers and other stakeholders are happy with our services. The high level of professionalism we showcase  through our service delivery represents our milestones and enduring commitment to value creation to all our stakeholders.

FBN Bank has been rated by the Finance Ministry a “a potentially stable and a major finance provider globally.” What are the reasons for this stability?

 FBN Bank SL is a subsidiary of FirstBank Nigeria PLC, which is one of the most enduring African corporate brands. Since 1894, we have stood together with our customers through their groundbreaking business and investment decisions and ventures. First Bank has seen our customers through the turn of two centuries and even a new millennium. We always put our customers first in all our dealings by keeping the world connected to our customers, ensuring global reach and shattering all financial barriers for our over 30 million customers. We have operations in 3 continents, 9 countries, with 700 branches.

Does the Bank have the intention to spread into the provinces like BO, Kenema and Makeni?

 If you look at our heritage, growth has always been part of us. In the light  of this, we have the plans to increase our channels through which our services will be delivered to our customers and prospects. We intend to bring our services close to the unbanked. In just a matter of time we would be in BO, Kenema, Makeni and even beyond. We recognize the role technology plays in bridging the gap and promoting financial inclusion. With the reinforcement of our technology infrastructure, banking is carried out with the fingertips.

This is the future of banking and our optimal provision of banking services in the diverse, futuristic and efficient ways, among the many ways we put You, our  customers first. We intend to leverage the strength of First Bank that has created over 345,000 direct and indirect jobs through First Bank’s over 95,000 FirstMonie agent network, economically impacting more than 1m individuals.

What is the immediate future of FBN Bank in Sierra Leone?

 We strongly believe in the future of Sierra Leone and this forms the bedrock of our strategy for the country. We have come to Sierra Leone to stay and our goal is to contribute meaningfully to the socio-economic growth and well being of Sierra Leone. Our banking services is critical in enabling individuals and businesses across the board as they contribute their quota to the economic progress and viability of the country.



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