Fayose and Makinde: The Road to Peace

Fayose and Makinde: The Road to Peace

Tuesday, April 13, 2021 2:41 pm

Fayose and Makinde

Ademola Adegbamigbe

Governor Seyi Makinde and Ayodele Fayose, one time Governor of Ekiti State used to behave like two cocks thrown into a pit. They belong to the same party, yet their hearts were far from each other. Matters between them became so worse that if the two met at a blind alley, they could pour poison on each other’s thyroid gland!That has now become a thing of the past as the two gladiators have sheathed their swords.

The two must have learnt from the parable of the snakes. That is, it is because the reptiles slither in the bush solo that makes them fall prey to the hunter’s cutlass. Imagine a situation where the black mamba leads, followed by the adder, viper, taipan, blue krait, boa, python, with the majestic anaconda following behind, which farmer would not vote with his feet at their approach? The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), as an opposition, has a long way to go in the South West. 

It is, however, gratifying that the two politicians have agreed to work together. This happened at the Peoples Democratic Party Congress in Osun State on 12 April 2021. In other words, the feud between Oyo State

In fact, Fayose, declared that the governor of Oyo State and only governor of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in the region, ‘Seyi Makinde, is the father and leader of the party in the zone. That came after months of supremacy tussle over the leadership of the PDP in the South-West.
Fayose had, while addressing the delegates at the WOCDIF Centre, Osogbo venue of the South-West PDP Zonal Congress, added that supporters should not be allowed to drive a wedge between the leaders, adding that he would readily accept the leadership of Amb. Taofeek Arapaja if he wins the election.
A statement by the Special Assistant (Print Media) to Governor Makinde, Moses Alao, indicated that the governor, while also addressing delegates at the venue of the congress declared that there would be no victor or vanquished in the election.
He further declared the process as family affair of the PDP.
Governor Makinde added that whatever the outcome of congress is, it would be accepted in the spirit of a family contest.
He maintained that the Congress is an attempt to reposition the South-West PDP, though it has ramifications for the party nationally.
“This is an attempt to reposition our party in the South-West. But it has ramifications for our party nationally. So, whatever the outcome is, we will take it in the spirit of a family contest.
“We don’t want to defeat ourselves but we want to defeat the APC. So, at the end of this exercise, I promise you that there will be no victor and no vanquish.
“As your only Governor in this zone, whoever emerges belongs to me and I will work with the team to reposition our party in the South-West.
“So, let me thank you ahead for a peaceful and orderly conduct,” Governor Makinde said.
In his speech, shortly before the commencement of, Fayose publicly accepted Makinde’s leadership of the PDP in the zone, adding that the governor has been making impact in Oyo State and that he would not fail.
He said: “Thank you for the endurance and tolerance we have all gone through. The issue of this congress is a circumstantial one, which is still in the public domain. Who is the leader? Governor Seyi Makinde is our leader.
“Therefore, we should not allow, particularly those who are our supporters and lovers, continue to put a wedge in between us. Our leaders; Governors Oyinlola, Oni and former Deputy Senate Majority Whip and all serving senators, I want to assure you that we will make exploits together because this must not divide us.
“I stand here to tell you today that either way it goes, I will accept it. Therefore, if Arapaja becomes chairman, I will be the first to visit him in Ibadan because there is nothing that will last forever.
“Nobody has offended me and if I have offended anybody, I sincerely apologise. “Don’t let them give us the name we do not bear in Yorubaland.
“I want to say again that Governor Seyi Makinde has made impact in Oyo State and he won’t fail. Seyi Makinde and I are one. No matter what, he is our father and may God continue to do wonders through Him.”

Their Shouting Match!

The last bone of contention was the PDP congress. Makinde had said the detractors of the party in the Southwest would be fought and defeated.

Fayose reacted in a jiffy, describing Makinde as a failed governor, who does not deserve re-election, adding that the governor had decided to betray party elders, who assisted him during the electioneering, by turning his back against them.

The ex-governor ruled out any reconciliation with Makinde, saying he is an obstacle to dialogue. The last bone of contention was the party congress. He said:”Makinde is a failed governor. He has proved it by his inability to protect the people of Oyo State. He has demonstrated more than enough reasons not to be fielded as our PDP candidate again. He has betrayed trust and in our group, we will not sit with him in dialogue.”





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