Tribute to outstanding trailblazers: Odumakin and Chukwuma

Tribute to outstanding trailblazers: Odumakin and Chukwuma

Sunday, April 4, 2021 5:47 pm

Innocent Chukwuma, left, and Yinka Odumakin

Steve Aborisade

Rest on brothers! You both stood out in your chosen endeavours and left indelible footprints that will never be washed away. May God be with those you left behind.

The lesson here, for us all, is the stark reminder that here, is temporal. We will all die. This reality has become more brazen with our collapsed healthcare system and the increasing difficulties to live a healthier, fulfilling life.

How many of us will be privileged like some of our leaders to access the best of healthcare with state resources? The fact is that so many of us are dealing with one health issue or another without corresponding attention that is needed to scale through.

It isn’t by accident that our life expectancy is pegged at 54 years. So many won’t even make it up to that. I aren’t no doom preacher, but It is what it is.

That is why I sincerely hope we become wiser and approach issues that bothers on our development and wellbeing with more seriousness, while we allow competent hands lead wherever it is necessary. Why should we lose promising men and women in their prime?

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