Verbatim: Nigerians, be ready to pay N234 per petrol litre- Kyari


Mele Kyari, NNPC GMD

“Our current consumption (evacuation) from our depots is about 60million litres per day. We are selling at N162 a litre. Current market price is N234, actual market price today.
The difference between the two, multiply by 60million, times thirty, will give you per month.
This is a simple calculation you do. If you want exact figures from our book, I do not have it from this moment but it’s between N100billion and N120billion per month.
We are putting the difference in the books of NNPC and we cannot continue to bear.”

– Mele Kyari
Group Managing Director ,
Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation,NNPC
MARCH 25,2021