The Allure of Abuja

Folorunso Fatai Adisa in Abuja


Folorunso Fatai Adisa

Some of the most imaginative serviced apartments and hotels, in terms of design and amenities, are being developed around the world. From underwater hotels to treetop hideaways, new properties are pushing the boundaries of what a typical apartment or hotel experience should feel like.

Similarly, Africa has been making significant strides in the area of hospitality and tourism, with our hotels and apartments rivaling some of the best around the globe. As a recent resident of the United Kingdom, I have visited a handful of European countries and was captivated by the luxury yet affordable hotels in the UK and its environs. Similarly, my visit to Marrakech left me awestruck, understanding why it has become the new Mecca for people in the UK—especially African students.

Naturally, every human craves comfort, which is one of the reasons most aspire to become wealthy. What’s the essence of wealth if not to afford comfort? Hospitality is one of the chief arms of comfort; when away from home, people are willing to pay almost any amount for a similar level of comfort or even greater—creating that feeling of being home away from home.

If you find yourself in Abuja and crave comfort and luxury at an affordable price, The Destination by Gidanka should be your destination. My recent stay in the Federal Capital Territory at The Destination by Gidanka left me impressed by the commendable change in Nigeria’s hospitality industry, aligning it with its global counterparts.

Strategically located on the serene Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse, Abuja, The Destination is a magnificent building housing 110 meticulously designed apartments, making it the largest in its category in the country. My findings would later reveal that it is operating in four locations in Abuja with sister establishments, —The Glass Resident, Homeaway , The Resident— The Destination boasts a total of 220 apartments across five restaurants.

When I stepped into The Destination, I was immediately struck by its unique features that set it apart from other accommodations in Abuja— as mentioned above. As a guest, I couldn’t help but notice the abundance of elevators, making my travels within the building effortless and convenient. It is clear that The Destination has spared no expense in ensuring both aesthetic appeal and structural integrity, creating an environment that exudes sophistication and modernity. I would later realize that it has the highest number of elevators in a residential building in Abuja.

Moreover, I was impressed by the integration of advanced technologies throughout the property, which seamlessly enhanced my experience as a guest. From check-in to check-out, everything was streamlined and efficient, allowing me to focus on enjoying my stay to the fullest. The Destination truly exceeded my expectations, providing a level of comfort and convenience that made my visit to Abuja unforgettable.

The SkyView area of the apartment, which offers a panoramic view of Wuse, Abuja, is a remarkable space that has a psychologically relaxing effect on one’s health. From top-notch security to lightning-fast internet, plush comfortable beds, and delectable cuisine, every aspect of my stay is meticulously curated to ensure a premium experience. Their attentive staff, clear directions, and convenient amenities ensure that every guest feels pampered and at ease throughout their stay. Little wonder it attracts clients like Exxon Mobil, Airtel, and Nestle— some of whom I encountered during my stay.

Notably, in the hospitality industry, service reigns supreme. The Sanskrit saying “Atithi Devo Bhavah” (meaning “the Guest is God”) undergirds the importance of treating guests with utmost respect and care. Whether it is a luxury Burj Al Arab, Dubai or a budget “Alamala Inn” in Ibadan, all guests should expect warmth, attentiveness, and heartfelt appreciation—qualities exemplified by The Destination, where premium services are offered at a reasonable rate.

Overall, I boldly declare that at The Destination, relaxation is not just a luxury—it’s a way of life. Based on my experience there, I believe Nigeria is a fertile ground for endless possibilities, and she will rise again.

Folorunso Fatai Adisa, a Media and Communication specialists, writes via