The husband and wife: Be ready for Joe Biden’s America

The husband and wife: Be ready for Joe Biden’s America

Sunday, January 24, 2021 10:00 am


Pete Buttigieg and the Pastor

By Bola Adewara

Be ready for more and more of this picture in the next four years. Earlier, many of them in public office do not come out in the open. But right now, with Biden serving as the agent provocateur of this end times events, you will see more of this of American public office holders. Pray that the children you have raised innocently would not be seeing this in the American controlled media and start saying America is right and follow suit.

Also, don’t be shocked that some people, bearing Christian names would start criticising you for commenting against this. It would be difficult for you to see people with Islamic names condemning comments against this. People with Christian names will tell you Jesus came for sinners, He did not condemn them.

True, Jesus did not condemn sinners, neither did he approve of their sins. I don’t condemn the people but I don’t want my children to be like them. I have no apologies to no one about this.

Fathers and mothers, be ready fa! You will see more and more and more and more of this pictures in the next four years. The global moral fabric will take a terrible slap! You ain’t seen nothing yet! I don’t want you to be sad or troubled. Be happy. Why? The Bible told us these would happen.

I have a joy like a river in my soul. The Pandemic, which the Bible predicted, the ascendancy and open display of gay culture, that Biden era would advertently or inadvertently promote, all come to confirm that the Bible is true and the prophecies therein about the end times are being fulfilled right before our korokoro eyes.

My friend, you cannot stop the events of the end times. Stop praying against the evils we see these days. They must happen or Jesus becomes a liar. Stop disturbing yourself. Don’t waste your precious time All you need do is guide and garrison your heart and your family. This is the time to ACT and PRAY ceaselessly that you and your family would not fall into the incendiary of the end times.

Don’t weep. Don’t be sad about people blasting you on social media for speaking for righteousness. They will abuse you and call you names. Be happy because Jesus said they will do so. The children of perdition and their social media justifiers, especially those who bear names after Christ but haters of righteousness, will all give account of what they type and justify on their androids some day. Hallelujah!

-Bola Adewara is the publisher of e-Life

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