The Death of Dr. Olatunde Agbato

The Death of Dr. Olatunde Agbato

Sunday, January 24, 2021 1:00 pm

Olatunde Agbato

By Semiu Okanlawon

As I passed in front of the massive Animal Care (yes, the same Animal Care brand you know across Nigeria) at Ogere, Ogun state this evening, my mind went to Dr. Olatunde Agbato the founder of the farm whom I met in 1996 through my friends Segun Akinlolu (the musician you call Beautiful Nubia and Clement Adebija.
Those who know that vast poultry farm agree that is one brand that has been built over the decades and has survived all odds venturing into other things such as Darbur toothpaste, Funtuna Water and of course, Funtuna eggs.
I told my friends in the car that is one quiet businessman I admire, telling them I know the man must be aged now.
In my last encounter with him while hurrying to catch a flight from Abuja to Lagos sometime in 2010, met him on the queue as he made for the check in counter.
You know what? He indeed told my Clement Adebija his encounter with me. A week later, Clement sent me this : If You Think You Can Continue To Galivant The World Without Meeting Dr Agbato You Lie! E Tell Me Say Him See U! How Una De? How Are The Big Bwois And Them Mummy?”
Less than three minutes of passing in front of the farm and hardly finished my stories of encounters, the radio in the car just announced his death. I screamed!
What! I just mentioned this man now!
May the Lord grant his family the fortitude to bear this loss.

-Semiu Okanlawon is the publisher of NPO reports

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