Remembering Chinua Achebe

Remembering Chinua Achebe

Sunday, January 17, 2021 1:20 pm

Arrow of God

By Olufunke Cole

I stumbled on one of the books written by this literary giant, Chinua Achebe, “Arrow of God”. Although, I read it some years back, but up til now, I am still having the irresistible urge to have another peep into it. Immediately, I started with the first few chapters, I felt the desire to write on a man whose prodigious literary achievements impressed upon minds the atmosphere of conviviality, tantalizing relish and unending gusto. Chinua Achebe, no doubt was one of Africa’s greatest writers to have traversed this firmament.

Chinua Achebe

A quick reminder to any lover of novels that a historical setting presented in a book reveals more of empirical antithetical elements to arouse an avid reader. Of course, Arrow of God and Things Fall Apart (which incidentally is Achebe’s Magnum Opus) present those elements of historical and sociological analysis especially on a basis of a distinctive cultural values invoked by a region renowned for its traditional core values.

Olufunke Cole


Intermittently, his books focus more on the intermittent switch over on faith residual and grave consequences on man’s detachment from his roots which is practically inherent in an invincible creation of our lumped-up traditions.

No doubt, Achebe is a reservoir of knowledge with a strong bond with his roots. His riveting style of writing which makes his books a delight for every Tom, Dick and Harry is unparalleled. He is of course an enigma of core African exigencies.

Talking about Arrow of God, I got a new impression of a book I had thoroughly devoured at my first meeting with it. The man, usually called the Eagle on the Iroko tree, will forever live in the minds of those who have had an encounter with his works. Continue to rest in peace!

-Olufunke Cole, is a Doctoral student of the Deptartment of History, University of Lagos

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