Congratulations Chairman Captain Christian Chukwu

Congratulations Chairman Captain Christian Chukwu

Monday, January 11, 2021 5:52 pm

Christian Chukwu during his 70th birthday

By Odolaye Aremu
Saturday, 9 January 2021 was the 70th birthday of ‘Chairman’ Captain Christian Chukwu of the glorious Green Eagles fame. Some kindhearted Nigerians decided to surprise him with what’s now become the “sneak-sax-attack” routine and a fat cake.
The emotional response of CCCC got me teary-eyed. He seemed lost, confused and excited all at the same time. He looked exactly like a kid drowning in the evocative, tidal wave of goodwill from strangers he thought he never deserved.
And in truth, Chukwu deserves it and even more! Asides the fact that he was the classy captain of a generation of soccer stars we owe a lasting debt of gratitude: he is said, according to folks that know him intimately – to be a fine gentleman too.
I have no recourse, but to whisper a prayer to the benevolence of Fẹmi Otedola, for his invaluable gift to him last year. Seeing Chukwu at 70 is indeed a blessing to his loved ones and to us, his fans from way back.
Happy Birthday Chairman Captain Christian Chukwu!
If you were old enough to have seen Chukwu play ball in his active days, then you fall into that category that needs to be mindful of the Social Distancing rules and other guidelines pertaining to the Covid-19 pandemic. For you are not a spring chicken yourself! Therefore be careful! Be very careful!**

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