The Tope Alabi Traducer

The Tope Alabi Traducer

Monday, November 30, 2020 7:32 am

R-L: Ayomikun Alabi, Mr Soji Alabi, and Tope Alabi

By Remi Oyeyemi

Though, this is supposed to be a private, family affair, but not any longer. Mr. Mayegun Olaoye has brought it to the public fora and by so doing, allowed pokenosers like me to express my unsolicited view and opinion.

Mr. Mayegun Olaoye has no shame. He is a reason why many think that men are noxious. He has just put himself on an opprobrious pedestal to ridicule himself. He thinks he would be mudslinging Mrs. Tope Alabi by making the claims he is making, claims that are spurious and despicable.

Mr Mayegun Olaoye

Mr Olaoye is just not irresponsible, he is mean, wicked and cruel with tinges of obnoxious crudity. He has no feelings for the woman he impregnated and the child that came therefrom. He is selfish and self-centered. He has no sense of decency and appropriateness. Obviously, he did not seek any counseling before coming out to damage himself thinking that he was damaging Mrs. Tope Alabi.

How could you impregnate a woman and not fight tooth and nail to claim it? Where were you in the nine months of the pregnancy? Okay, the woman was bitter against you. She does not want anything to do with you. She tried everything to keep you away. She avoided you at all costs. But if you were a responsible man, those were not the kind of hurdles that would prevent you from going after the child to claim her.

You have to fight for your child. Arrest and jail should not even scare you. Nothing should have deterred you. You should not only fight, you should make noise to force others to intervene and broker an agreement. Such an agreement would have guaranteed your access to your child. At that point, no one would have the temerity to give your child another man’s surname.

This child celebrated her first birthday. You were nowhere to be found. Ditto for the second, third, fourth and fifth birthdays. You were nowhere to be found while she was in nursery school. If you were, you would have discovered the surname your child bears. You would have raised hell. You would have called the attention of both families. You would have gone to court, if need be. But you were nowhere to be found.

Then, she started primary school. Elevated to High School and later to the University. There was no sign of you anywhere. You were not there to celebrate her triumphs and commiserate with her in moments of disappointments. You were absolutely none existent. All this while, she was getting certificates from various institutions in the name of another man. You were not concerned then.

After 22 years, you now jumped unto the street yelling that someone had been unfair to you by giving your so-called daughter another man’s name? This is a case of the squirrel which got shot by the hunter. It did not complain about getting shot. The hunter took it home and had it disemboweled and skinned. It did not complain throughout those processes. Now, the hunter had it hung on top of fire. Suddenly, the squirrel raised its two arms raising hell and asking for help!

What nonsense!

Mr. Soji Alabi, his wife, Tope Alabi and daughter, Ayomikun Alabi, have been granted good life and a lot of happiness in the last 22 years by God. Mr. Olaoye has no right whatsoever to come around now, to contaminate their happiness. 

I am compelled to believe that Mr. Mayegun Olaoye is coming out for some selfish reasons under the garb of having been victimised. He should be repelled and condemned for angling to be a spoiler and blackmailer. No matter what, he has no excuse for what he did to Ayomikun who has rightly disowned him. Mrs. Tope Alabi has no reason to regret anything. Nothing that emanates from Mr. Mayegun Olaoye could tarnish her reputation as a good mother at this point. She found a good father for her child. Mr. Soji Alabi has done a good job as a father as evident from the personality of Ayomikun.

Mr. Mayegun should just go and sit down somewhere. He should stop trying to destroy what that family has built for that past 22 years. 

-Remi Oyeyemi, journalist and public affairs analyst, writes from the United States



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