The Mystery

The Mystery

Monday, November 2, 2020 12:25 pm

Silhouette of a man digging, representing the toiling masses

By Mudiaga D. Atumu

I sat in the garden watching the news; then the face of the man appeared on the screen. He was on his knees digging the neighbour’s garden with his hands.
He kept digging while whispering in a half audible voice “dig dig dig lazy corrupt; my cow can do better” even when this wasn’t a farm.

Every day he dug the yard without planting anything.
He was focused on things of which he had neither understanding nor knowledge but insisted on advising the soil even when he didn’t listen to advise given him by the soil. Why is it that those that don’t take advice always insist on giving it..? He lectured the birds that flew by to no end but he never stopped digging.

So, every day I will sit and watch him dig with his hands for hours…such precious use of my valuable time.
Then I wanted to know why he dug so I called and asked him; absent minded, all I got was a half audible whisper “dig dig dig lazy corrupt; my cow can do better”
I thought to myself, I am smart. I should be able to unravel the mystery around this if I wasn’t getting a descent answer from him. So, I went to the library to investigate and research this mystery that laid in the heart of this moron.
It turns out far too much has been written about great men but not nearly enough about morons…and this doesn’t seem right…it’s unfair and a form of discrimination…This is unacceptable; even the works of a moron matters…maybe I can start a movement #moronworksmatter to give a voice to the morons.

It’s unfair, there should be appropriate documentations on the actions and works of morons. Let us have a hall of fame for morons with a library containing their lousy works. A place where we can all go to discover and understand how their minds work so they can get a greater portion of respect, appreciation and acknowledgement. They deserve this for all their effort at being legends in this act. It takes really hard work to be a legendary moron. It’s only the moron that understands the logic behind the path they have taken. It’s not just fair. I am now left with the impression that this may be the reason morons work very hard manually instead of applying their brain only to be noticed for their stupidity. Sweat equals hard work in their world.

Anyway, I found nothing that illuminated the actions of the man digging the garden nor his passion for it.
So, I went back to the source, The MAN… the man digging the garden with his hands…I observed him, watched him…the same way men watch animals to get a clear and deeper understanding of their behaviour.
As I watched, I became more sure of it; There was something happening there which everyone else was missing except for this man on his knees digging with his hands while whispering in half audible voice ” dig dig dig lazy corrupt; my cow can do better”

His face was like the page of a book written in a language I didn’t understand, and he didn’t mind how he was viewed, and I couldn’t gain an understanding of this book for I knew not the language it was written. Who will teach me this language of morons? where will I get help in decoding this book.
I got frustrated at his lack of application or knowledge on the availability of tools he could use for digging such as shovel and hoe if he needed to…
I found myself whispering to myself ” don’t just dig holes in your garden every day, plant something…” but why is he using his hands…why is he destroying the beautiful green garden with lovely flowers. Why isn’t someone stopping him?
It was frustrating for me to witness this while spending a high amount of my valuable time watching him make me a part of this moron fantasy while watching the birds fly by as the trees moved to the beat of the wind.
Still I could hear his half audible whisper “dig dig dig lazy corrupt; my cow can do better…:”

When I wasn’t watching him, I was thinking about him…even in my sleep , l wanted to unravel this mystery.
Anyway, I read about farming and its various techniques even from ancient past and researched about whispers…did I discover the reason why he dug with hands and whispered ?…NO!…this hurts, my lack of understanding of what he was doing and what he intended to achieve was biting deep into my nerves of sanity. Still, all I heard was “dig dig dig lazy corrupt; my cow can do better”

I thought to myself, maybe the truth lies in finding out about the cows. He talks about it but I still couldn’t figure out why he was doing it; I had to know for it was eating me up inside. I felt horrible that the man had to be on his knees digging everyday with his hands when he could get better tools to do the job…better still, did he intend to plant anything…but why?
Even in my dreams, I could feel his pains with me reaching out and asking if he needed help, telling him there was a better way. I tried to stop his suffering which had turned into my suffering. He just ignored me and kept on digging; even in my sleep there was no peace, this was eating me up inside.

Is there someone else in his home that loves him so much as to help him discover the truth?
Every day he dug for weeks then months while I sat watching until one morning I sat in the garden and didn’t see him come out to dig…how dare he keep me waiting?… didn’t he know I come out to watch him dig and listen to his half audible whispers?
I love my precious time and wish he wouldn’t waste it by turning up late for his dig.
I was allocating valuable time to him and typical of a moron he couldn’t even make proper use of it! oooh, how I missed his half audible whisper, suddenly I realised I was whispering “dig dig dig lazy corrupt dig dig dig; my cow can do better ”

I missed him. So, I went around his garden and knocked on his door. Maybe the mystery will be revealed to me today; Then the lock turned, and the door opened, standing before me was a handsome young man, his words gave him away as an encyclopaedia of knowledge, so how did a moron get to dwell in same space with an encyclopaedia of knowledge? More mystery!

Well, I enquired about the man that digs the garden. I was told he fell sick during the night and had to be admitted in hospital.
So what do u think…why did he dig everyday whispering “dig dig dig lazy corrupt; my cows can do better”…talk to me friend…I am talking to you reading this write-up…tell me…you may be the smart one that will help reveal the truth behind this mystery considering I am now sharing same space with the moron even whispering in a half audible voice ” dig dig dig lazy corrupt, dig dig dig ; my cows can do better…”.

Then the young boy said, “…my uncle used to rear cows in the village farm before he fell ill, we brought him to the city for treatment. He misses his home and farm. So, he goes into the garden to dig and attempt to make footprints of the cows to keep himself calm…it helps him mentally.”

Hmmmmm; Here I found the secret behind the pattern of the dig and whispered words. Even the smartest wouldn’t have known without being told the moron and the smartest share same space in same hall of fame. It depends on who is interpreting.
Now I can’t stop myself whispering in half inaudible silence ” dig dig dig lazy corrupt; my cow can do better..” as I smile at my space within the hall of fame.

– Mr. Mudiaga D. Atumu. Email:[email protected]
Contact Address: 41 Stirling Way, Sheffield, S2 1DT, United Kingdom

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  • DJEBAH Cyril says:

    Solid bro. Now I can stop myself reading this piece saying in silence.. dig dig . Solid

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