#EndSARS: Looters seize another warehouse in Lokoja

#EndSARS: Looters seize another warehouse in Lokoja

Monday, October 26, 2020 12:48 pm

The looters in action

Richard Elesho/Lokoja

The gale of invasion and looting if places where foodstuffs are suspected to be kept by government continued on Monday in Lokoja, the Kogi State capital.

Thousands of persons notably youths and women stormed a state warehouse located in Zone 8 area of the city and looted it dry. The invaders stormed the store, overwhelmed the guards and forced it open for unhindered access to the looters. Bags of rice, beans, other food items, mattresses and iron roofing sheets were things that caught the fancy of the looters.

As the action continued, policemen from the nearby Zone 8 Police headquarters kept watch over the looters, perhaps in order to prevent further break down of law and order.

Earlier, gunshots were heard as the crowd migrated from the Lokongoma axis of the State capital towards the zone 8 Round About before the eventual assault on the store. A businessman simply identified as Bolu is said to be in charge of the looted store.

People from various parts of the metropolis hopped on tricycles, motorcycles and taxis to arrive at the warehouse and take part in the looting prey.

The News recalls that protesters on Sunday similarly swiped on another warehouse in Pkata area and carted away the Covid-19 palliatives stored there.

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