Danger! Hoodlums attack Ekiti silos, cart away chemically treated maize meant for planting

Danger! Hoodlums attack Ekiti silos, cart away chemically treated maize meant for planting

Saturday, October 24, 2020 1:04 am

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…Agric Commissioner sends serious warning

The silos of Erifun stand ramrod straight on the left as you travel from Ado- Ekiti towards Ijan Road where the Federal Polytechnic and Afe Babalola University are situated.

Erifun used to be a ranch with paddocks where the fat cows (those without humps), locally called “elila” were reared in the past. Those fat cows were imported from Argentina by the Obafemi Awolowo Government in the Old Western Region.

Something scary happened mid week as the #EndSARS protests were highjacked by  miscreants. They attacked the silos of Erifun and made away with chemically treated maize meant for planting. Danger is looming!

If such grains find their way into the market, people maybstart to drop dead. That is why the state government has sent out a timely warning to avert disaster waiting to happen.

Now, Dr Olabode Adetoyi Hon.Commissioner for Agriculture and Food Security in Ekiti State has sent out the following warning:

“To my good people in Ekiti,  please the silos that hoodlums just attacked at Erifun Agric centre, Ado Ekiti contains chemically treated maize for planting. It’s not for consumption. There shall be no untimely death in Ekiti state as a whole. Amen Regards!”

And below is another statement by the Ekiti State Government:

“Reports reaching us confirm  that the Federal Government’s  Silos, the Agric Development Programme (ADP) warehouse and the State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) store, all in Ado- Ekiti, have been attacked by hoodlums under the guise of seeking CACOVID palliatives.

 Ekiti State has NO CACOVID palliative warehouse as all the palliatives have been distributed. 

The items being carted away are Single Super Phosphate fertilizer and NPK which  they have erroneously identified as Gaari. 

The SEMA store has emergency supplies for disaster response e.g. flood, fire or any other emergencies. 

Some are even making away with corns preserved for planting, with chemical prefermentation. All these items are poisonous and not fit for consumption! 

We appeal to our people not to consume these items because they can kill.

Ekiti State has NO COVID-19 Palliatives warehouse as all palliatives have been distributed to members of the public during the lockdown period.”

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