#EndSARS: How policeman killed protester in Oye-Ekiti

#EndSARS: How policeman killed protester in Oye-Ekiti

Tuesday, October 20, 2020 11:57 pm

Mohammed Adamu

Richard Elesho.

People of Oye-Ekiti, headquarter of Oye Local Government Area of Ekiti State were on Tuesday thrown into mourning when a trigger happy policeman killed an EndSARS protester. The unfortunate incident occurred about 6 pm.

Identity of the young man could not be confirmed. But his wife was said to have put to bed about a week ago.

The protesters had blocked the main road in the town in continuation of their peaceful demonsration against police brutality. The action led to heavy human and vehicular traffic on the road.

An eyewitness told TheNews that stranded road users pleaded with them to open up the road. As they were opening it however, a black Toyota Sequoia Jeep drove against traffic. The youths got angry and wanted to know the occupants of the vehicle.

The offenders promptly introduced themselves as police officers, which infuriated the protesters the more as they insisted on the compliance with traffic rules from the officers.

An argument ensued and the policemen allegedly alighted from their vehicle and started shooting into the air. The protesters petted them with stones.

“The two officers were running to catch up with their vehicle while the boys were throwing things at them. Suddenly one of the policemen targeted a protester and shot him.

“The boy went down instantly and died. I have never seen a thing like this before.” An eyewitness who identified himself as Kola recalled.

The unknown policemen quickly entered their vehicle and made good their escape.

TheNews gathered that some military men who claimed to have been attracted by the gun sound later arrived the now disoderly scene.

The angry protesters chanted anti government songs and enforced total blockage on the road. They also arranged for diesel from stranded tanker drivers and set up a bonfire.

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