BBNaija: Real reasons Praise was evicted

BBNaija: Real reasons Praise was evicted

Monday, August 24, 2020 2:46 pm


By Nehru Odeh

Though Praise is the latest housemates to be evicted from BBNaija Lockdown Season 5, his eviction didn’t come as a surprise to many.

Praise started sowing the seeds of his fall right from the first day he entered the house.  The video that went viral showing him making out with Ka3na under the sheets, spoke volumes about the extent to which he would go.

Though Ka3na, the first to be evicted from the house denied ever having sexual intercourse with him that night – that they only cuddled – she shares common traits with Praise.

Ka3na’s exit showed Praise eviction was a matter of time.

Here are ten lessons to learn from Praise’s exit. 


  1. Don’t talk too much. Let your actions speak, not your words – Praise spoke too much throughout his stay in the house. By the time he realized it it was too late.


  1. Be truthful all the time – Praise lost the trust of his fellow housemates when he lied he was single, whereas he had a fiancée. Kidwayya branded him the biggest liar in the house


  1. Never start what you can’t finish – Praise dashed the hopes of many ladies in the house who were drooling over his physique and the fact that he was ‘single; only to end up breaking their hearts by singing a new song. They never forgave him for that.


  1. Let your social interactive skills be top notch all the time – Praise was too dumbfounded when he found himself on the eviction list for the first time and was on the verge of being kicked out. And that affected his interaction kills. He changed his attitude toward his fellow housemates. He was once quoted as saying that he changed his attitude as a result of that. But that later turned out to be his own undoing.


  1. Never say never – Praise lost it the moment he decided to change his attitude towards his colleagues. It was as though he evicted himself the very moment he decided to change his attitude. No wonder virtually everybody wanted him out.


  1. Never be open about your intentions – The very day Praise said he had no feelings for the female housemates in the house, he started signing his eviction form. In a place like BBNaija, one has to be circumspect. Never exclude others. The rule is: Be friendly to all but trust nobody.


  1. Be diplomatic – Praise was never diplomatic. He hurt the feelings of many of his housemates due to the garrulous manner he talked.


  1. Don’t rush – Life is a journey, not a destination. The video that went viral showing him making out with Ka3na under the sheets was one too many. Though Ka3na denied ever having sex with him, that act alone alienated many other housemates and viewers alike/


  1. Never alienate anybody nor play the politics of exclusion – When Praise changed his attitude towards his fellow housemates and when he said he had no feelings for the ladies, he had by so doing alienated some if not all of his fellow housemates. That later came to hurt him and that was the reason they all wanted him out.


  1. Never play the superiority card – Praise tended to show to his colleagues that he was superior to them by his many talks and boasts. That was why they regarded him as not real and a threat. .

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