Between El-Rufai and NBA

Nasir-El-Rufai: Kaduna State Governor

By Temitope Ajayi

That an association of Lawyers will invite a man to speak at a conference and later be blackmailed to withdraw same invitation is an indictment on the association itself. It shows an association that is not contemplative.

That anyone can even support an irresponsible behaviour of NBA that is being held by the jugular by a group within it with clear political, partisan and sectional agenda is galling.

Did El Rufai invite himself to the conference? He apparently did not beg to be invited to the conference. NBA did not think through who speakers at its conference are before extending invitations? How is NBA advancing plurality of views and deepening of understanding and national consensus if a governor whose state is facing age-long intolerance and bloodletting caused by merchants of crisis on both sides of Southern Kaduna imbroglio is shut out?

NBA has simply demonstrated that it is not an association governed by reason and introspection. It is an association that runs on impulse and crowd baiting. Is NBA saying a governor who is facing and managing an ethno-religious crisis does not have a perspective to share? To start with, is El Rufai coming to discuss Southern Kaduna crisis at the conference? I should think conference organisers give speakers probable topic they want speakers to espouse. How will the crisis in a part of Kaduna State affect whatever topic or theme of the conference speakers are expected to address?

Any governor that has security challenge in his state can not speak at a conference apparently. NBA’s behaviour is totally irresponsible and a play to the gallery. It means NBA has derailed completely if a group within its rank can hijack it and impose its will on an entire association of over 20,000 lawyers. Next time another group will say a speaker cant address NBA because of any flimsy reason.

Pray, what qualifies Governor Wike to speak at NBA conference that disqualifies El Rufai.

-Temitope Ajayi is a public affairs analyst.