Prince Philip’s death, history and broadcasters


Prince Philip

By Temitope Ajayi

I always find it quite intriguing how international broadcasters have flurry of contents to play on public figures when they die.

These contents enrich us and fill historical gaps especially for the new generation who know next to nothing about history – that is for those who have interest in history still, though.

Since Prince Phillips death was announced yesterday, BBC has filled every minute with various news contents, documentaries exploring his life and time – his contributions to Britain and the Commonwealth. Indeed, the life of Duke of Edinburgh was one of service and duty to the Crown.
It simply means these contents have been prepared long ago just waiting for the day he would die. Not sure these contents were produced within hours.

There is still much for our broadcasters here to learn from their foreign counterparts or is it a question of funding? We dont celebrate our public and historical figures well and almost nothing to know about them when they die on our TV stations.

When such people die here, the TV stations will even expect to be paid to cover the funeral.
-Temitope Ajayi is a public affairs analyst