Shame on Big Brother Naija

Shame on Big Brother Naija

Tuesday, July 28, 2020 12:05 pm

BBNaija 2020 Season 5
Meet 20 ‘Lockdown’ housemates. Photo credit:

BY Edafe Ufoma Holy

Big Brother Africa is the African version of the international reality television franchise Big Brother created by producer John de Mol in 1997. The show was first aired in 2003 for one season on M-Net and broadcast to audiences in 42 African countries.

In 2007, the show was back from four-year hiatus, until it got cancelled after season nine in 2014. It was canceled because of the criticisms that trailed it. Many people said that it is unAfrican and its negative impacts on the youths.

What was dumped and rejected by other African countries was gladly accepted and celebrated in Nigeria and rebranded as BIG BROTHER NAIJA which the season 5 started few days ago.

I asked Google this morning to tell the any country in the world that is  hosting Big Brother show in 2020, the answer is Nigeria.

Other countries are shifting every mega show from Oscar awards to Olympics, from football awards to any major events.

Why? Because humanity is mourning. The earth has recieved more than 600,000 dead bodies since February this year due to the Corona virus pandemic, the world is sober and suspended certain loud events.

The insensitivity of the organizers of Big Brother NAIJA is made manifest by the theme they chose, LOCKDOWN.

What an irony. The world is on lockdown and you gather men and women and lock them up for gossips, quarrels, booze!

The Nigeria Broadcasting commission that regulates television content is a confused lame dog and the board supposed to be disbanded. Why approving the show when even all secondary students are at home and they have internet enabled phones for their online classes?

Some of you may say, “deactivate the channel or block it on your decoder” . But it also streaming on YouTube, showmax and the clips shown on African Magic Urban and some TV Channels.

They have always Choosen only Christians but this year, they added a Muslim lady AISHA. But knowing what the Muslim community will say or do, the cowardly branded her KAISHA. But soon, they will hear from Muslims.

Please, those that are watching it have their rights to be entertained as adults. Some of my friends, knowing that I am vehemently opposed to the show since its inception have been tagging me mischievously on their own updates about BBN on their Facebook walls.

What I have picked up from their updates so far:

1. There is a lady with a very huge breasts that is a contestant and there is very good debate about her breasts being biggest in Nigeria.

2. Ebuka, the presenter got penis erection while interviewing  that lady with massive breasts. Another debate with pictures.

3. The most handsome of all the male contestants is a yellow skin guy but with little manhood. Two of my female friends uploaded his pictures on boxer while he is inside a bathroom as evidence.

4. One of my friends on Facebook celebrated Kaisha, her real name is Aisha Umaru, for saying that she masterbutes a lot and enjoys masterbation.

Brothers and sisters, these are what my friends and others are gaining from the show and boldly sharing it to the whole world.

Covid 19 vaccines will be ready before this year ends and all the researchs and developments are headed by youths below 35 years in advanced countries. But not in Nigeria.

The new president of Finland is a young lady of 35 years which is same real age of some of the BBA 2020 contestants.

An inventor of Facebook (Mark) was just twenty years when he came up with his innovation.

I rest my case.

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