Lampard: No regret confronting Klopp at Anfield, but …

Lampard: No regret confronting Klopp at Anfield, but …

Saturday, July 25, 2020 12:17 am

Chelsea’s coach, Frank Lampard

But he insisted he has no regrets over standing up for his team during their English Premier League (EPL) defeat at Anfield on Wednesday.

Visuals showed a visibly-agitated Lampard gesturing and yelling at Klopp and the Liverpool dugout when the home side won a free-kick during the 5-3 victory.

Lampard said that he had no issues with Klopp but was unhappy with the reactions from certain members on the Liverpool bench.

“In terms of the language I used, I do regret that. These things get replayed a lot. I’ve got two young daughters on social media,” Lampard told reporters ahead of Sunday’s match against Wolverhampton Wanderers.

“In terms of regretting having the passion to defend my team, no. I could have maybe handled it slightly differently.

“Some of the reports were I was upset with the celebrations — far from it.

“They can celebrate every goal… I’d have had a beer with Juergen Klopp after the game but there were things on the bench —- not from Klopp —- that I felt crossed a line.

“I regret the language, but we’ll move on.”

Chelsea go into the final day of the season needing a win or a draw to guarantee a top four finish.

A loss may see the London side miss out on UEFA Champions League qualification if Leicester City win or draw their match against Manchester United.

Wolves started their season last July with Europa League qualifiers.

Lampard said Nuno Espirito Santo has done an “incredible job” to ensure they remain competitive in spite of the workload of playing nearly 60 matches this season.

“The manager has a great sense of humility and work ethic. That’s why it will be such a hard game,” Lampard said.

“Credit to how they are managed. They have a lot of talent, threats… and an identity with a unique way of making it difficult. It’s a great story, full respect for the year they’ve had.” (Reuters/NAN)

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