BBNaija: Why Ka3na revealed everything (+video)

BBNaija: Why Ka3na revealed everything (+video)

Thursday, July 23, 2020 6:22 pm


By Nehru Odeh

She was born Kate Jones but gave herself Ka3na, a name that reminds one of Hurricane Katrina.

However, the 27 year old Rivers State-born fashion designer and entrepreneur literally swept everyone off their feet on Tuesday, 21 July, 2020 when she made some startling revelations about herself and, like an hurricane, swept everything off and got everyone talking about her.

Many have been commending her for being a strong, independent woman. And photos of her and her baby have since gone viral.

Astonished? You don’t have to. The lady who claims she owns “a mini-estate” in Port Harcourt had once said her dream is to be famous and own one of the biggest fashion brands in the world.  “I just want fame to see my business,” she maintained. She once said the reason she was in the House was that she wanted a platform where she can share her story.

Of course, Ka3na is now the talk of town and is ready to do anything in the House to be famous. The single mother, who also claims she has been hustling since 19, believes she hopes to win the perfect housemate and is ready to do all it takes to win the Big Brother Naija Season 5. She is also quoted as saying that her favourite quote is: ‘Do everything for the life you want and live every day for the life you love’.

Startling? Small wonder she set the internet on fire with those tell-it-all revelations. According to Ka3na, she is separated from a 64 year-old Briton to whom she got married at 22. She also said because the man “was not that strong anymore”, considering his age, they had their only child through IV, later which she had her eggs frozen in South Africa.

“My husband being 64 was not that strong anymore and I really wanted to have a child for him, so I decided to go for IVF.

“The first one failed but thank God for the second one. I now have a daughter, she is one-year plus.

“I’m not separated and not divorced. I am not divorced yet because I am not ready to remarry. I’m Strong, passionate and a boss lady. I have my life all planned out. I just want fame to sell my business.

“In relationship, I have to be with an older man. I don’t have time to date young guys. I need someone that can advise me,” Ka3na, who regrets paying the bills o some young men in the past, said.

When Ka3na who said she had never been in love was asked why she got married to the  64 year old Britain, she said she did that because he was her best friend and she respects him.

Asked further whether she plans to hook up with someone else in the near future, she said, though she needs a companion, someone whom she can share her problems and success with, but not searching for anything serious at the moment

She also said she has never been in a state of being unable to live without a companion because she cherished her freedom and space.

“I don’t know how to be committed. I’m not that kind of person. I just love my freedom. I love being my boss, just doing me. I love my space.

“I don’t know how to stay in a house with someone, like your husband… you people have to stay together. It’s not working for me I’m not created like that,” she said.

Asked what her guilty pleasures were? Ka3na, who is as sexy as sin and have features that men swoon over, said she masturbated on her birthday during the lockdown. She also said some of the habits she acquired during the lockdown were sleeping naked and reading the Bible.

Sleeping naked and reading the Bible? Certainly. And now that Ka3na is one of the housemates in the BBNaija lockdown, she is ready not only to literally sleep naked but also to speak the naked truth and reveal everything. Watch out for more revelations from “Hurricane” Ka3na.

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