NDDC Crisis: I Commend Wike for saving Nunieh’s life

NDDC Crisis: I Commend Wike for saving Nunieh’s life

Thursday, July 16, 2020 2:28 pm

Nunieh leaving her residence with Wike

By Fani Kayode

Sending armed policemen to raid Joy Nunieh’s home at 4.00am in the morning, putting her under siege and house arrest and blocking her from leaving her house as she was scheduled to leave for the airport to travel to Abuja and testify before the Senate this morning is cowardly and shameful.

Governor Nyesom Wike actually saved her life by arriving on the scene and taking her out safely.

Reminds me of the time that my friend and brother Governor Ayo Fayose saved my wife Precious and my son Aragorn’s lives by delivering them from the hands of armed goons in police uniform who had targetted them for arrest and abduction and conducted an illegal operation against them in Ado Ekiti, Ekiti state four years ago.

They had arrested and detained them illegally in a bank for hours and were about to physicaly drag them outside and into a vehicle, carry them to God knows where and abduct them when Fayose burst in on the scene with his men and forcefully delivered and saved them. What a man!

Wike’s security vehicles in Nuineh’s compound

I have been reliably informed that the police raid on Joy’s house at 4.00am was yet another illegal operation and was NOT backed by a search or arrest warrant or authorised by the Commissioner of Police of Rivers state or the Inspector General of Police.

It was simply an attempt to abduct her, take her away and possibly kill her and they spend a good deal of the time trying to break the doors of her home down and get in.

Wike arrived on the scene, broke the siege, delivered her from the enemy and saved her life. I commend him for this courage.

He and Fayose shall forever be men after my heart.

To those who sent the policemen to abduct and kill Joy I have only this to say: sexual harassment is one thing but abduction and murder or conspiracy to abduct and murder is quite another. GET SENSE!

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  • NDIBE Madu says:

    This APC government has been displaying to the whole world the Rambo style governance existing in Nigeria.

    The NASS that invited the erstwhile Chairman Ms. Nunieh of the NDDC must be quite aware that these armed operatives were surrounding her house. Why do they want to prevent her from honouring the invitation. It is only in Nigeria that you will set up inquiries and want to kill those who want honour the invitation to the inquiry.

    How are we going to be living in the atmosphere or terror and insecurity of property in Nigeria. You invite some one to attend an inquiry and you planted security men round her dwelling. If you arrest or disrupt her from attending then you will go out to say that she failed to attend the meeting. This aimed at gaining some cheap blackmail. It is quite a shame indeed.

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