Video: 14 intimate things Mrs Ajimobi says about her husband

Video: 14 intimate things Mrs Ajimobi says about her husband

Sunday, June 28, 2020 9:57 am


Mrs Florence Ajimobi and her husband, Abiola Ajimobi. Credit:


By Nehru Odeh

Here are 14 intimate things Mrs Florence Ajimobi said about her husband, the former governor of Oyo State, Sen. Abiola Ajimobi last year in an interview with presenters of Your View, an all-female talk show on TVC. The former governor died on Thursday25 June 2020 of complications arising from covid-19.


1.      My husband is not controversial. He was misunderstood.

2.      This was somebody who has been misunderstood or misconstrued. He won an election in 2003. He was a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. In 2007 he contested as governor. He won but they didn’t give it to him.  In 2011 he won. In 2015 he won again. It has never happened in the history of the state. And so what are the controversies?

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3.      My husband is my best friend. He was my best friend. He is still my best friend.

4.      When somebody is your friend you are always there for them.

5.      I know he is a Muslim and I respect him. I don’t flaunt my religion. When people are around I don’t let them know I am coming from church. I had to respect him.

6.      There is an understanding between the two of us.

7.      I’m not going to rub shoulders. I still believe my husband is the head of my home.

8.      I have been married to this same guy for 39 years. And if there is reincarnation, I will marry him again for real.

9.      My man is my man.

10.  He is my friend. Even some things I don’t know he will tell me.  And I will not hold it against him. That is friendship. It’s different from love.

11.  Friendship is different from love. My husband is my friend.  He is not just my lover. He is my friend.

12.  I’m his only friend, his only sister, his mother.

13.  I can’t do without him.

14.  I’m the wife of Ajimobi and I enjoy being his wife.

15.  Because he knows. He knows he is not from that background but that is what is going to make my wife happy.  And he wants to make me happy. You know why he wants to make me happy? I’m his best friend.

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